29 Gal tank, how is my stocking?

  1. Angela Phelps Initiate Member

    Hello all, recently I have set up and cycled a 29 gal heated and well planted tank. I THINK I have maxed out the amount of fish to put. This is what I have thus far:

    -Harlequin Rasboras x6
    -Gold Pristella Tetras x3
    -Kulhi Loachs x6 (3 black and 3 banded)
    -Bumblebee Catfish x1
    -Nerite snails x4
    -German Blue Ram Cichlid x2 (male/female pair)

    I added in all of the dither fish first before adding the rams. I was told that rams need higher temps but these dither fish would do OK with the rams conditions. Do you think I am overstocked, just about right, or could I add anything else or build up on the schools I currently have? I actually also have only 1 lone little neon in the tank, when I started up the tank the first fish that went in after the cycle was a school of neons, but I lost them all but one due to new tank syndrome I guess. After that, any other fish I added were OK, I just didnt have good luck with the neons. I feel bad for this poor little guy lol. Doesnt get picked on though.

    If this was your tank, what would you take away or add?
  2. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    You need to add more gold pristella tetras,but I think that's pushing you stocking.I would remove the pristella tetras.
  3. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    That sounds a bit over stocked
  4. Charles556 Member Member

    Do you have a SA bumblebee cat? If so, even they can max out at 3 inches and will try to eat anything smaller. Also, they prefer to be kept with 6 or more conspecifics. I'd be careful with it.
  5. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Rehome the neon if you're not getting more.

    I'd leave out the bumblebee catfish - they're not temp compatible with the GBRs. Increase your Pristella tetras to 6.

    Neither black kuhli loaches or banded kuhli loaches are temp compatible with GBRs. What about Sterbai cories instead?
  6. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    I wouldn't keep GBR with other bottom dwelling fish.I think they should increase the amount of neons and rehome the gold pristella tetras and kuhli loaches.
  7. Charles556 Member Member

    Why do you say that? I keep my GBRs with sterbais without issue. Are you more concerned with a crowded bottom? My rams stay around the bottoms half of the tank, not always on the bottom.
  8. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    GBRs are pretty peaceful, and normally while I'm a little cautious, many have had success so I say give it a shot!

    @Pikachu13131 OP said they were having bad luck with neons, that's why I suggested rehoming him and getting more pristellas.
  9. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    I've heard of people's rams killing Cory's.I guess it a hit or miss like bettas.
  10. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    I think they died because the tank was new,even though tanks are cycled the first fish put in the usually die.
  11. Angela Phelps Initiate Member

    Thanks everyone for the input so far!
    I expected that answer for my lone neon, lol. I will def rehome him. I want to get at least 3 more gold pristella tetras, my LFS only had those 3 so I snatched up what I could. As far as my SA bumblebee cat, I will consider rehoming him in the near future, but for now he is still teeny tiny so I think he will have a while before he will be a concern to the other fish. Unless the temps are an immidiate issue for him.

    About the kuhlis, I was always told that they are recommended tank mates for rams because they are very adaptable? I was very excited to get them and I heard a lot of conflicting information going both ways. I would hate to have to rehome them. The rams never even look at them and everything is peaceful. Does anyone else have experience with rams and kuhlis? Maybe I just got bad info?
  12. Charles556 Member Member

    I have both kuhlis and GBRs, but in 2 separate tanks. My GBR tank is kept at 82-3 F, while my kuhli tank is kept at around 76-77 F. Like TexasDomer said, it's more of a problem with temperature compatibility than temperament. You'd be severely shortening the lifespan of the kuhlis if you keep them with the GBRs.
  13. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    It's not that the bumblebee cat is a concern to other fish - they're usually very peaceful. It's that the temp is too high for him, and that will shorten his lifespan.