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So I'm in the process of moving. I didn't want to put my fish through the stress of moving so far in containers, so I've sold or rehomed all but a few loaches from a larger setup I had (I think I found an lfs that wants to buy them, will know by today). My new apartment is smaller, so the largest tank I'll probably be setting up is a 29 gal for now and a 20-ish gal bowfront I have. We'll be moving again in a year, so I was looking for a setup to essentially grow the centerpiece for my 80gal tank, which will be set up after the next move (1 year). Ideas or recommendations?

I want to keep the fish count low so there won't be as much rehoming later. I was thinking maybe just a single baby-juvenile cichlid and some smaller fish, though I'm completely willing to forgo smaller fish if it would be too dangerous for them. Keep in mind that the mature fish will be moved to a larger tank within about one year, and my mother has offered to house the fish in a 55 gal at her home if it takes any longer than that for me to set up the 80 gal.


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I would probably go with some barbs, odessas are my favorite. I try to get an all male school if I can. And barbs can usually hold their own against a cichlid as long as it's not too aggressive of one. Especially if it's a juvenile it shouldn't be big enough to eat them or anything. Bristlenose pleco might be a good addition as well.

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