29 Gal and a 60 Gal Hex stocking ideas

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Secret Oasis, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Secret OasisValued MemberMember

    Hi everyone, I need ideas on what to do here. I had started doing stocking ideas with the 29 gal which is currently stocked with 3 guppies to cycle it.

    Then i got hit with a curve ball on gaining the 60gal hex as its a neglected tank my parents had and they were going to let the fish die off and take down the tank. What currently left in that tank is 2 silver dollars, pleco, and a cichlid which have no business being in the same tank.

    So my 29 gallon list that I had started.

    3 Honey Dwarf Gouramis (1m,2f)
    10 Celestial Pearl Danios
    4-6 oto catfish

    But now with the addition of the silver dollars that have to be pulled out of the 60gal. Im not sure what to do, because to me 29 gal is a bit small to be housing silver dollars.but im feeling might be a temporary thing while i find out what to do with the cichlid.

    Im open to all ideas on the 60gal tank though.
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    I would rehome the pleco, silver dollars, and cichlid (what species of pleco and cichlid, by the way?). Without knowing specific species, I'm going to assume they're too big for both the 60 gal hex and the 29 gal (hex tanks have a very short length in relation to their rectangular cousins of the same gallon size and are very difficult to stock).

    What's the diameter of the 60 hex?
  3. OP

    Secret OasisValued MemberMember

    The diameter is 24" The pleco is most likely a sailfin while the cichlid im not sure on ill see if i can find what species it is.

    edit: posted pictures in the fish id section
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016
  4. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    I'd rehome both the and the cichlid still. Both are inappropriate for either tank.

    Since the diameter of the hex is only 24", you can treat it like a 20 gal high when stocking with particular species but you can add more of those species.

    Personally I'd switch your 60 gal hex and 29 gal stocking plans. The 29 gal has a larger footprint and you can put bigger fish in it.

    What about this for your 60 hex;
    5-7x Honey gouramis
    30x Celestial Pearl Danios
    10-20x Otos

    And you have more options for your 29 gal. What kind of fish do you like (colors, shapes, species)?
  5. OP

    Secret OasisValued MemberMember

    Woops bit of a crazy week and forgot to post back i agree the fish were inappropriate for the tank and rehomed them at a LFS. ive also just decided to take down the 60gal as stocking it and cleaning it was a pain might use it in the future or perhaps turn it into a ro water holding tank for now after its cleaned out.

    Im trying to stay with smaller fish in the 29gal i was hoping to try and get 1 more small school of fish in there and possibly some cories but if thats to many may opt to get shrimp instead.

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