27 Gallon Fixer Upper

  1. violetsasha

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    Hi there, I'm back again after my 6 Gallon experience with this site was so great!
    Me and my mother have fallen in love with the aquarium world, and decided we wanted something bigger for the living room. Last night we bought a pretty gross and scratched up 27 Gallon tank, used.its probably about 10-12 years old, and definitely a fixer upper. bdf45e515d1bd9c15bdaeb2df928dfd7.jpg The scratches aren't super major, and I completely cleaned all the caked algae and whatever off it today, so it's already looking better. It came with a Hagen radiani heater and a Tetra whisper 30 filter, but the woman who sold it to us said that the heater was sometimes unreliable, so we'll probably get a new one. The problem with this tank is the lighting situation, as you can see. 0fb9d0a5e367340fc754d984957555ed.jpg When the (fluorescent) bulb was taken out, the plastic holding bit was very warped and discoloured, so that's a problem. This is the hood we were thinking of getting, have you guys had any experience with something similar? It's a bit pricy so i'd like to know it's a good one before I buy it. If it's not such a good idea, what would you suggest?

    AQUEON 21107 Led Background Hood, 30-Inch: Amazon.ca: Pet Supplies

    Thanks in advance!
  2. MikeRad89

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    Unless you have fish that are prone to jumping, just go with an open top and an LED strip. A beamswork can be had for about 40 dollars.
  3. OP

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    That sounds great! It doesn't look like any of the fish we hope to stock will jump, so that sounds like a much cheaper alternative. Have you ever had problems with plants using that?
    Here are our stocking ideas:
    - 2 Electric Blue Ram Chichlids
    - 3 Endlers
    - 5 Pepper Corys
    - 6 Zebra Danios
    While I was looking around for lights, I found out that my aquarium is actually about 28.8 - 29 Gallons, so take that into consideration. Is this overstocking?

    Another option would be the same thing, but 3 Killifish instead the chichlids.