26 gallon long stocking

  1. fighter55 Member Member

    Hey everyone! So, a while ago my spotted ctenopoma ate every last one of my poor Zebra Danios. I decided to wait to get more tank mates, but I can't bear to have just 1 fish in a 26 gallon tank. It is a very boring tank. The dimensions are: 36" L X 12" W X 16" H. My tank has been setup for 1 year now, and all of the water parameters are stable. The tank is cycled too. So, are there any ideas for tank mates that can live with my spotted ctenopoma? Oh yeah, my ctenopoma is about 3".
  2. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I didn't know much about them so I had to look them up, it said your biggest concern will be them eating tankmates. So maybe look into some larger schooling fish but not too large for the tank. What about maybe some purple passion danios?

  3. fighter55 Member Member

    Are they nippy like zebra danios? The fish itself seems like it will definitely add color and activity to the tank, but my zebra danios were notoriously nippy.
  4. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    All danios can be nippy unfortuntly. What about maybe a school of hatchet fish?

  5. fighter55 Member Member

    A school of hatchet fish sounds like a great idea. It adds more activity and a flashy color to the tank, while hopefully not being eaten by my ctenopoma.