25 Gallon Tank Water Parameters and Stability

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    Hi guys, so yesterday I set up a 25 gallon QT for a Calico Ryukin Goldfish yesterday, added Amquel+ for almost double the tank volume (for 40 gallons not 25) and 5 minutes later, added 3 capfuls of Seachem Stability, 24 hours later I added another 3 capfuls of Stability and some hours later I added FOUR capfuls of Stability DIRECTLY into the filter.

    Anyway, the little guy seems to be doing great although he's a little skittish to eat while someone's in front of the tank because I can never catch him eating but when I come back the food is all gone.

    But my water parameters are coming into question.

    Ammonia: 2.0ppm (I freaked out at this and added a dose of Amquel since I can't change the water at the moment, however I have to ask is it possible for it to be 2.0 this quickly?)

    Nitrite: 0

    Nitrate: 0 (But it seems to be a darker yellow but not into Orange yet)

    pH: 7.4

    No poop at the bottom, the filter is circulating properly (It's a filter rated for a 30 gallon so it may be a bit underpowered but if need be I have a Bio-Wheel filter that just needs a Bio-Wheel)

    Fish is active, no gasping at the top or flashing (Well a little bit but that's only when I show up at the tank)

    Also, my test kit was in a no A/C house for a few days (Temperature reached 90 degrees in my house, I live in Florida so yikes) so could it be faulty now?

    I'm going to keep adding Stability until I run out (I bought the smaller bottle) and then I'll buy more but am I doing this right? in 24 hours I'll do a test on it and if the levels don't show improvement I'll test my 55 gallon's parameters and take some media from there and add it to the filter to see if that helps.
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    That's the little guy right there. The flash went off when I didn't want it too so he has the demon eye going on ;)
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    That does seem really high for a 25g in one day. I had goldies for years and I would expect .5-1.0 in a day but 2.0 seems high. How big is he? They have such a huge bio-load it always makes it a challenge to cycle this way. I would definitely grab some media from another tank if you have some. Thats what I always do for my quarantine tanks. Also, the media you have already has bacteria that is ideal for your particular water, whereas the BB in the stability may not be exactly right out of the bottle.

    He is very pretty!
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    Noted! Yes thank you he's so adorable!

    When I have some bottled water I'll test that for Ammonia and if it comes out at 2.0 again I'll note it as a faulty kit.
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    I'm not sure what to think now and this test kit is making me paranoid.

    Tested on my 55 Gallon (24 Hours after 80% WC with Amquel+) and Ammonia first gave me 2.0ppm and then I tested AGAIN to be sure and got 1.0ppm. Might as well test again and get 0.25ppm XD

    As for testing in bottled water, 0.50ppm and there's a definite brownish color to the liquid in the tube which is very strange. Could the API Ammonia reagent be damaged by the heat, can anyone verify?

    As for the 25 Gallon, today the water is white and cloudy so it's a bacterial bloom which is good so far. I've taken a look at the filter and the white is turning a reddish brown which to me would indicate BB growing along with me seeing some slime around it. Mind you the filter has been on since Sunday afternoon and has only had 1 Fancy Goldfish.

    Nitrite: 0ppm
    NitrAte: 0-5ppm (Maybe?)

    *I haven't yet added any BB from the other tank b/c I'm still not sure of the 55's parameters*
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    This evening, I tested my water for the 55 gallon and it said I had 4.0ppm of Ammonia and I RE-TESTED it and it said I had 1.0-2.0ppm.

    Guys. These fish don't look stressed due to Ammonia, where's the flashing, the red splotches? pH is 7.4 - So can I rule out this is the actual reading?

    As for the 25 Gallon, tested Ammonia and got 1.0-2.0 (The 2.0 I thought I had last night looked like this color so it is a 1.0-2.0) but then I tested Nitrites and I had 0 whereas when I tested my Nitrates, I was starting to get a definite orange color, it's under 5 but not 0. Wouldn't I be seeing Nitrites if my Ammonia was this high?
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    Wait a couple more days then you'll see some nitrites. Usually takes 3-4 days for this to happen.

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  8. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    Any updates about this?

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    I haven't had time to test but I'll be doing a WC because the water is a little on the dirty cloudy side. I'll be sure to test before hand however. I finished the full 7 days, of course it was super dosing but all the Stability is gone.