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    Hello! I have a fancy goldfish stocking question. We recently bought a couple used aquariums (the 10 gallon we are setting up for a betta, which I also have threads about). The reason my parents bought them is because we were told that one was a 29 gallon and I'd wanted to get 2 fancy goldfish. We're preparing a sponge in our current filter and some gravel to seed the new tank, btw. Anyway, I'd heard that fancies needed 20 gallons for the first fish and 10 for each additional, so I thought I could put 2 in a 29 gallon. Well, of course when we got it home and measured it just to be sure, we put the dimensions in an aquarium calculator and found out it's actually a 25 gallon. I've also heard that the 20-10 rule is for comets (even though I know they actually need MUCH more than that - my mom has 2 in a 55 and knows they will eventually outgrow those), and that the real rule for fancies is actually just 10 gallons each. I don't know what to believe. I plan to get just fantails, not ryukins or orandas or anything. Is it possible to put 2 fantails in a 25 gallon if I have a 30 gallon filter, or is this just a really bad idea? I'm so disappointed! I know it's only a difference of 4 gallons, but it might make the difference between 1 or 2 goldfish, and I can't afford a new 29/30 gallon. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions : )
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    Two fantails should be okay in your 25 gallon. I would up the size of the filter though - instead of one for a 30 gallon, I would see if I could find one for 55 gallon or more. Most of the larger ones will have an output control so you can adjust the strength of the water flow so your goldies don't get bowled over by the current. Another option would be to have two 30 gallon filters - that way you could alternate cleaning so there is always good bacteria around. Also, with two smaller filters, the water flow would not be quite so strong. The two main things to consider is the filtration and swimming room. SInce the fantails are not as strong of swimmers as the common/comets, they should have plenty of swimming room in the 25 gallon.

    Oh, and as far as I'm concerned, the rule is 20 gallon for the first and 10 gallon for each additional for fancy goldfish. As for commons/comets/and shubunkins, 30 gallons for the first and 20 gallons for each additional.
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    The 20/10 rule is not for commets at all commets can reach a HUGE size so no commets really need massive aquariums to live (or a pond) same with shubunkins. The 20/10 rule is really for the smaller fancy golds and the 30/20 is for the larger of the fancys.

    whoops I actually forgot to answer the OP question haha. But that would be OKAY for now atleast depending on which type you get. Generally I wouldn't put one single one in anything smaller than a 30gal but that's just me.

    Keep in mind you will have to be doing more often water changes and I second getting a second filter. I have two on my 50 gal that are both made for 60gal tanks but I am slightly overstocked in that tank and it does its job very well.

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    Ken :)
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    Okay, thank you! My second question would be, is 25-30 gallons even enough for one fancy? I've done more research, and some people say it's not. I've decided to get just one, and I want to start out with the tank that will be big enough for the rest of its life. I have the 25/26 gallon now, but I also found a 30 on Craigslist that I can get. Is either of these even big enough? Would you recommened that I get the 30 instead of the 25? I'm interested in hearing fancy goldfish owners' experiences. Thanks!
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    A 30 would be the smallest I would put a fancy goldfish in. Depending on which type of fancy you are planning on getting, some of them can grow to be the size of a softball. Just imagine a softball moving around in the tank.
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    I agree. When I met my girlfriend, her fancy was in a 10 gallon and couldn't even swim. The I got her a 29, and that was much better. Now it's in a 90 :)
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    Thanks, you two. Great advice. Wish I was interested in something other than goldfish!
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