24 tiger barbs as requested. With 2 new tank mates still acclimating

  1. clark12 Member Member

    https://vimeo.com/169391755 it wasn't 2 minutes later I added 2 new caves and 2 more hide outs. Really they look like flinstone garages. 2 new fire mouth cichlids. Mom2some
  2. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Omg I love tiger barbs. Nice layout btw, looks nice and clean.
  3. clark12 Member Member

    thank you!
  4. JGombs99 Well Known Member Member

    Wow! That looks stunning! I love Tiger Barbs, and now I'm jealous!
  5. The Crayfish King Well Known Member Member

    I love how they follow you around
  6. joiakimfish Member Member

    All I have is 6 tb but after seeing them all together i deff want more
  7. Tman2902 Member Member

    I like TB alot as well! However I have 9 who are still figuring out the pecking order, and have been for the past 2ish weeks.
  8. joiakimfish Member Member

    If I add more would the pecking order get disturbed .....one is bigger then the rest and he seems to chase the others around a bit https://vimeo.com/169429077
  9. clark12 Member Member

    how many is that? how big is your tank?
    i am no expert by any means but i started with 12 to cycle and added 6 twice. the big dog stayed in charge but he definantly has an order. when #1 is busy, 2 and 3 with their red noses are ready to go. i just put in 2 fire mouths yesterday and the barb pecking order showed brightly. i just added more caves and hiding spots for the FM. i feel like I'm running an apartment complex and the barbs are bad tenants! all in all, much better than yesterday.
  10. joiakimfish Member Member

    6 in a 125g I'm planning on adding to the stock this week may get more barbs or some clown loaches
  11. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    I suggest higher plants or more higher decorations! You'll want lots of cover and hiding spots esp with TB! It will help the loaches as well. You can add more TB and they'll fall in line quickly.
  12. joiakimfish Member Member

    True My tank is no where Near fully decorated got lots of plans ...every week I add something new ... My amazon sword is growing nicely .. I'm new so I wanted to see how the first live plant would do be4 I added more
  13. clark12 Member Member

    no plants here yet. i picked out my lights but haven't got that far yet. still obsessed with the fish. soon
  14. joiakimfish Member Member

    Obsessed isn't the word lol just take it a phase at a time ..
  15. clark12 Member Member

  16. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh I see it clark12 thx.
    They seem so happy!