24 hours on - ammonia acceptable?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by jeebo, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. j

    jeebo Valued Member Member

    Hi guys

    So after a fishless cycling of my tank over the last month I think it is, the tank completed the cycle, and prior to yesterday it had 0ppm ammonia and nitrite, and 40ppm nitrate.

    Now 24 hours after putting in 2 guppies and 6 tetra, and giving them a small amount of food, I have got of course a small amount of ammonia. I just want to make sure all is going well and get your expertise.

    Currently the ratings are:

    Ph 8.2
    ammonia 0.25
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 40

    Just want your thoughts really? All looking good?
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    It seems you added too many fish at one time. Just keep up with water changes and testing - if it goes above 0.25 ppm, do a water change to get it low. Hopefully the cycle bump will only last a few days!
  3. Mom2some

    Mom2some Well Known Member Member

    I think that is an unsurprising level if ammonia. I would use Prime and water changes to keep the ammonia as low as possible. Test daily to see how long it takes for your tank takes to adjust to the new bioload.
  4. tokiodreamy

    tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    My personal rule of thumb is to only add 2-3 fish at a time for tanks under 25g and a minimum of a week between adding the next batch.

    It seems you didn't do a large water change before adding the fish after the fishless cycle. You want to get those nitrates under 20ppm if possible.

    I suggest a 40-50% water change and dose prime. You can also add stability if you have it. It will help your filter catch up.
    Dose prime daily until the ammonia fully cycles
  5. OP

    jeebo Valued Member Member

    Thanks folks,

    So will do a water change and keep the nitrate sub 20, I heard 40 was OK, but if 20 is better that's going to help the fish more!

    Prime seems hard to come by in the UK without costing a fortune :(

    What's the standard use rate of it? 1ml per 10l?
  6. tokiodreamy

    tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    Essentially you want between 5-20ppm nitrate. 40ppm is still safe but it's beginning to push it. High amounts get toxic so less is more.

    I'm not sure where people in the uk get it from and how much. Amazon?

    I believe it's 1ml for every 10 gallons. It is super concentrated so it lasts a long time!
  7. OP

    jeebo Valued Member Member

    Ah well there are some charging £17 so circa $22 at a guess.

    As for the water, still 0.25ppm on the ammonia and now around 0.10 to 0.20 on nitrate

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