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23g Fully Stocked?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Jayda97, May 19, 2019.

  1. Jayda97 Valued Member Member

    Hey me again im sure by now you all already know what my fish plans are . So currently my tanks about 23 gallons and in the winter i’ll be upgrading to a 40g. In the meantime im just wondering if 11 rummynose tetras (lost 1 after a couple months but everyone else seems perfect) and a group of 3 honey gouramis 1m 2f is fully stocked or if i could add bottom dwellers? If i have space id love to add a bit more activity to the tank than 1 school and the 3 honeys (i only have 1 female currently though im waiting for them to get more in). Ive been considering cherry shrimp because they wont affect the bioload but dont want them to be eaten. Any suggestions? If im full with the current plan i’ll hold off getting anything else until i can afford to upgrade.
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  2. FishyGlenda Valued Member Member

    I believe you can definitely add a group of bottom dwellers such as Cory doras because they would occupy the bottom region of the tank while the rummy nose tetras and honey gouramis stay in the middle and top parts of the tank. It’s always good to use all the regions of the tank as long as it doesn’t get overcrowded and everyone has room to swim.
  3. Jayda97 Valued Member Member

    the tank definitely looks like there’s enough space for them im just worried about bioload. Aqadvisor says im 90% stocked with 137% filter capacity. Im just worried if i add a school of corys or something similar thatd jump me to well over 100% stocked
  4. FishyGlenda Valued Member Member

    Don’t rely on AqAdvisor too much. Just use it as a guide. In terms of space, I believe you wouldn’t be overstocked since no one is occupying the bottom region. In terms of bioload, you might get a spike in the beginning but remember your beneficial bacteria will eventually grow to the point where it can handle that bigger bioload. If you want you can add the first half the first week. And the remaining half the second or third week to prevent the spike or make it less severe if there is one. I would get 4 to 6 if I were you. The dainty cories produce less waste than the Panda cories so you could get those too for a smaller bioload. In terms of filtration, if it gets under 100%, add more filtration or don’t get the fish.
    Last edited: May 19, 2019