210 Gallon New World Cichlid Tank


A mated pair of Festae (Red Terrors) would look good in a 210. A school of Spotted or Striped SD's could work as well. Maybe a bigger variety of Synodontis catfish & Texas "Carpintis" Cichlid.
I kept a Festae pair for a couple years in a 120 gal. They looked really good and did well. Here's a pic of the female.


I’m only taking form my experience in a 330gal so if people want to shout at me that these don’t go/work together they did so thanks. I am not saying anything about the silver dollars or Pictus as I think they will be fine with all these fish.

I have had convicts, severums, chocolates and fire mouths together.

I have kept oscars severums and convicts together as well as just Oscar and convicts (be more worried about the Oscar than the convicts).

I have kept a single JD with convicts

I have firemouths and convicts together.

I found chocolates probably the least aggressive of what I have kept so be careful with what you put it in with breeding convicts might be a bit too much for them the 330 was very high and the chocolates swim mid to top of tank and convicts bottom it may not work if the tank is not high

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