21 led USA reef bars



Thoughts about the bar combo? Says 100+ par at 24 inches


I use those in my fish room ,but at freshwater temps .
I had the more expensive Current True Lumen Pros for my reef before and they did well.
I will never buy Current again though ..
The reef bars are worth the money IMO.
Not sure they are best for marine but good quality for their price .
1 4' Current True Lumen Pro used to be $160 6+ years ago ..
I still have reef bars in my 4' racks
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Awesome. I have three a80 kessil but I don't think they will light up a 120 gallon enough. I don't plan crazy corals but would like the option so I'm looking to sell the kessil and getting a new setup. And found these thought they would work. 8 bars for 269.

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