20l Reef (keep In It Simple)

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    wanted to show you guys my 20l I set up! It’s my first major reef tank I guess but nothing like the high tech setups. Trying to keep easy corals but also experimenting with sps . Here’s some picks let me know what y’all think! 9B3DE8FE-D865-4CEE-9AED-776C0AACD812.jpeg This was before the switch from the made a cousin kid since the glass one has a hind he that shadows HARDCORE (window screen railing, spline, corner pieces, and screen) like 24 bucks guys c’mon figure 4E915D7E-5719-4758-A5CC-E3401D3BA555.jpeg sweet pick of one of 2 hermit crabs and my fav emerald crab I got for free( he was riding on the hammer coral and I saw him but they didn’t cxxx) 6850EEB8-6F06-4C57-8189-38FFDED42786.jpeg2C0006C0-8ECA-4ADD-AFFE-4CE341A81AE0.jpeg
    What do you guys think
    What would you do/add/try

    Gear; Fluval50, kessil a80, finnex titanium heater. And I added a mini breeder box refugium.

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    Welcome to Fishlore, nice start on the salty side
    Any questions just ask, our salty members are only too happy to help :)
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    Green star polyp is always a nice entry level coral, looks fabulous moving in the current and has a great iridescent green glow to it. NOTE: since it can grow fairly fast, I highly recommend placing it on its own rock(island). That way it doesn't cover all of the rock in your tank lol.

    As you can see in the lower right corner of my tank, I have the green star polyp isolated from the rest of the rock.