20H Project

  1. shusband

    shusband Well Known Member Member

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    So I just completely redid my 20H and went for a bit of a stream look. It currently has 8 cherry barbs and 8 panda cories. I have an aqua clear 50 for filtration. I was going to use an 800gph power head from SunSun, for extra flow, but it made way to much current and my cherry barbs had trouble swimming. I think the stocking is pretty good, not sure what I could add. Keeping it at 74°F.
  2. Geoff

    Geoff Well Known Member Member

    Some plants!
  3. OP

    shusband Well Known Member Member

    I have some extra anubias in my 20L, I might wedge some of them in the rocks but I'm not sure wether I want to do plants in this one.