20gal while renting - flooding risks?

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    18cineole Initiate Member

    Hey guys,
    I'm about to set up my first tank since college and my crazy friend just told me his landlord forbids fish tanks in case they break (specifically he thinks the glue/caulk could give way) and flood the floor and cause water damage?? Has anyone actually experienced this? Is this a realistic risk?

    Friend recommends renters' insurance, but that is hella expensive and seems like overkill. Should I, like, place a kiddie pool under the tank? This just seems unrealistic but now I am spooked.

    Thanks for thoughts!

  2. Nympxzie

    Nympxzie Member Member

    It's not likely that your tank will burst or leak...however you should always have renter's insurance while renting. It only costs about $100 for a whole year. If any damage does occur from your tank you will be covered - as well as cases of fire, flood, theft etc etc. It's a good thing to look into and a lot of landlords require that you have it.

  3. bizaliz3

    bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    I highly recommend renters insurance!! Not because of fish tanks, but just because!!! Is it really that expensive? When I rented (which yes...was 10 years ago now) I want to say it was less than $20 per month.....if there is a fire, you will lose everything and I personally think it is totally worth it!!!

    I own my condo now, but there are also people who rent in my building. There was a nasty fire a few years ago that completely destroyed a unit of a renter and they lost everything they owned.

    ANYWAY, on to your question, it is very common for landlords to be against fish tanks. Usually it is larger fish tanks that are forbidden. A 20 gallon or less shouldn't be a huge risk for flooding. It might require carpet replacement or cleaning if the entire 20 gallons were to go on the floor...but that isn't the same as flood damage. But landlords have to be careful! Some don't allow ANY pets!
    Nympxzie beat me to it on the renters insurance! LOL seriously....it is worth it and shouldn't be as expensive as you might be thinking.....
  4. Lchi87

    Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    + 1 for renters insurance. I am a renter too and wouldn't think twice about getting it since its better to be safe than sorry. One of my three tanks did spring a leak but luckily I caught it before it ruined anything (like my white carpet haha).
  5. peregrine

    peregrine Member Member

    Another +1 for renters insurance. I own my house now, but never lived anywhere I rented and didn't have it.

    As for water damage. Check with your landlord, they very well may have a no pets or no fish policy. Unfortunately if that is the case you have to go by it or risk getting evicted. breaking or leaking is a possibility. It's usually low but most tanks are glass and as glass panels sealed together there is always the possibility of a crack or break due to either accidental damage, or some micro defect in the glass or the silicone.
  6. No Fishing

    No Fishing Member Member

    Definitely get renters insurance. Mine only costs 14$ a month because I bundled it with my car insurance.

    Tanks breaking are not really a huge risk but anything can happen.
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    s hawk Well Known Member Member

    I'm a college student also renting. When I asked about tank size they said any size, but highly recommend renters insurance. For fish keepers like us it's pretty much required just due to a cost of failure. I was planning on putting a plastic mat down under whatever my tank will be on, in order to protect the floor during WC.
  8. OP

    18cineole Initiate Member

    Wow, you guys all love renters' insurance... Thanks for the thoughts on the level of risk and the estimates what insurance should cost. I was going on what my car insurance company offered if I bundled it, and that was more annually than the actual value of my (bought-everything-used) stuff.

    The good news is, I have a landlord who permits all the quiet pets - basically anything but dogs or macaws.

    So, I think I'll look for renters' insurance cheaper than the costs of carpet replacement, which makes sense and seems achievable. A plastic mat for water changes is a really good idea.
  9. peregrine

    peregrine Member Member

    18cineole Not sure if anyone LOVES renters insurance. Just it's an unfortunate thing that you don't want to have to pay to replace everything that may be damaged for any reason.. It's kinda like your car insurance You have it but hope you never have to use it...
  10. bizaliz3

    bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    From someone who has gone through a fire..... you'd be shocked how much it adds up. As far as my belongings are concerned luckily it was mostly smoke damage. And even that ended up being expensive. You don't think you have more than $200 worth of clothes and furniture? Do you have a television? Other electronics? Just your tank setup could equal $200 LOL wouldn't replacing carpet also be well over $200? I don't know what your car insurance company is offering you... but like I said... I thought it should be less than $20 a month