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    I am upgrading from my 5gal to a 22gal and o have a question on stocking, the tank is goin to be heavily planted with a internal and HOB filter. I already have a sparkling gourami and Endler guppy in my 5gallon tank so the new ones I’m thinking on adding is the ember tetras, CPDs and honey gourami. Here is my stocking idea:
    12 ember tetra
    1 sparkling gourami (already in my 5gal)
    6 Celestial Pearl Danio
    1 Endler guppy (already in my 5gal)
    And all my shrimp
    Is it fine?? Also can I can get a honey gourami (if there is space) if I do get one will it play nice with my other fish and the sparkling gourami?? I love my sparkling gourami and DO NOT want it to be bullied by the bigger honey gourami. I know honey Gouramis are super peaceful and not nearly as aggressive as the dwarf gourami but since the honey gourami is bigger will it be ok?? And also do I get a pair or one and shld it be a male and female or does it not matter. If is a male and female pair is needed how do you sex them?

  2. firesflightt Well Known Member Member

    it's advised to not put two different gourami species together because they'll fight. your other stocking looks good to me though
  3. Aquafan2007 New Member Member

    Should I up the number of celestial pearls or embers if there’s space???
  4. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    Honey Gourami and Sparkling Gourami are peaceful and totally different body shapes from each other. I honestly think they would be fine together. But, I think you should get more Sparking Gourami as they may be more comfortable in groups. Same with the CPD. I would do 12 of them as well. I don't think the bio load of 12 CPD and 12 Embers would be much They're so small.

    Also, the Gourami may eat the shrimp. I've seen videos where they hunt the shrimp.
  5. Aquafan2007 New Member Member

    Ok so now confirmed stocking is 12 embers 12 CPDs 1 sparkling gourami (I cant locate one in the area now and I don’t like shipping) and my Endler. I’ll decide against the honey gourami then. When you say the gourami would eat my shrimp which one are u referring to the honey or sparkling cause my sparkling gourami has been in my 5gal (1/4 of the size of the new tank ) for a month and has not touched any of my shrimp.
  6. Aquafan2007 New Member Member

    Or would it look better just to have like 20 embers???