20g Stocking


Do you guys have any stocking ideas for this new 20 gallon I just got from someone off of craigslist, once I rehome some of the fish into a better settup ill have a lot of room.

After I rehome there will be:

1 dwarf gouramI
1 neon tetra (I know for sure that I will get more neons)

What suggestions do you have for that tank other than more neons.

It is also a 20 long, I currently have an intank filter. I want to upgrade that filter though.


I love contrast, so I'd go with a small school of Golden Pristella tetras in equal number to the neons. Then I'd go with 6 small cories--pygmy, panda, False Julii, Juliis, you get the picture.
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Okay, that sounds like a cool idea! Cortdoras are one of my favorite fish.

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