20g Long Guppy Tank Question

  1. F8LFish

    F8LFish Valued Member Member

    I cleaned the guppy tank today and removed all decorations to deep vac the substrate. everyone told me my guppies would reproduce and over run my tank. parameters are 0 ammonia,0 nitrites, and 5.0ppm and 10ppm nitrates ph 7.4 heavily planted artiphony (artificial) plants can not see through to back of tank. 4f 1 male. I've had them for 3 months now. how could they eat all the fry when they are fed regularly 2 times a day? removed everything no fry to be found. checked in filter also no fry. now i know they gave birth i was able to catch 6 fry and relocate them to my 55g tank in breeder nets with plants for them to hide in to feel safe 2mths ago. paramiters are almost same but nitrates are solid 10ppm bordering 20ppm. my second question is should i put one of my bettas into the 20g for population control or just let the parents keep eating the fry? Now my betta Jaxon LOVES fast food(fry). he has kept my 55g fry free for over 3.5mths now. oh filters are 2 aquatech 20-40s without carbon and an under gravel filter with a 250gph powerhead to operate UG filter. never enough filtration IMO.
  2. Ohio Mark

    Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    I don't know if my set-up is typical, but it seems to me my guppies (also in a 20 gal. but with live plants) go through cycles. I know some fry get eaten, but every so often I'll notice a batch of fry hiding in the plants and they grow older and many survive. Then it can go quite a while before I notice new fry again. (And I do watch carefully for them.) I try to net some out to raise seperately, but never get them all and it's amazing to see how many grow & thrive in with the adults.
  3. M

    Maddythefishlover New Member Member

    Fish are ALWAYS hungry. If there were any fry then they would most likely be hiding or have gotten eaten. Also there might not be fry just because you have a male with females. They could be infertile or just simply aren't breeding pairs. Often females who haven't bred before will likely reject the males.
  4. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Don't add your betta. He may attack or kill the guppies, or he may be very stressed by them.

    Bettas also are not piscivorous, and should not be fed fry on a regular basis.
  5. j

    jertan98 Valued Member Member

    If you're looking to breed them get a huge clump of moss, works for me. My christmas moss covers almost half of my 22g tank and the shrimp and guppy fry hide out in there all day.

    Some females dont even drop fry without cover for the fry to survive. But maybe you could up their feeding? I feed my fancy guppies 4 times a day, however much they eat in 1min
  6. O

    OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    Very heavily planted or net the fry out and raise them for a few weeks are the two choices if you want more guppies. I over feed the adults some when I know fry are coming soon.
  7. BettaPonic

    BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    Guppies only need to mate once. The sperm can be stored for months.