20g High Shoaling Fish

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  1. Fishoholic23

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    I recently ran into a problem with my school of harlequin rasboras. Obviously I won't add any new fish until I solve my mystery or until I think it's safe. But until then, I will be searching for a new school. I was thinking maybe silvertip tetras, which I like, but I am now really leaning toward Emperor tetras. I am really looking for something new and maybe a little more uncommon. I appreciate all and ANY suggestions.
  2. DutchAquarium

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    If you want a fish that really compliments a planted aquarium, go with either silver tips, ember, or the regular pristellas. Their color doesn't take your attention away from the aquascape, but the color is still their.
  3. CanadianFishFan

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    Some great "shoaling fish" that i find work in every tank is neon tetras.... There simple and just add more to the tank i find. It shows their colors and makes the green background look so nice.
  4. CanadianFishFan

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    s-l300.jpg Heres what i mean, it makes the shades of green stand out with their bright colors.
  5. aquatickeeper

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    Personally, I wouldn't add a new school/shoal. Just one school/shoal in a 20 high is enough, IMO.
  6. OP

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    sorry for the confusion. Right now I have no Harlequin Rasboras, looking for a new fish. I am trying to figure out what caused them to die but none of my other fish. If you would like to see it here is the thread
    Important - Rasbora Nightmare
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    From some personal experience with emperor tetras, I learned that male and female ratio is pretty important, so is the number of males. Dominant males can be very assertive and aggressive towards less dominant males and females to where they stay in a corner constantly. I found that at least 5 males and 2-3 females for every male worked great for me. You could get away with 3 males and 2 females for every male would work, the bullying just wouldn't be as dispersed. Plus with more males you get to see more of the sparing behavior where they flash and swim in circles.
  8. aussieJJDude

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    Id suggest green neons! Or microrasboras (boraras sp.)
  9. OP

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    I've seen this around and at my last local club meeting a bunch of these sold for cheap. I wish I would have grabbed them.