20G Betta and Cardinal Tetra Stock


Currently have a 20G long, planted tank with a well established colony of 6 cardinal tetras?and my big Crowntail Betta boy. Considering adding more Cardinal to the tank or possibly another species altogether. Wondering

a) would it be healthier to just beef up the Cardinal tetra numbers for their comfort? They school quite nicely and are very active, especially with feeding, so I don’t necessarily have signs they’re stressed. Adding more is just based off the general idea that schooling fish are more comfortable in larger groups.

b) is there even another fish that could be added without overstocking the tank? Considering adding a pair of African dwarf frogs because I can’t think of a species of fish that isn’t either schooling (and would overburden the tank) or wouldn’t cause friction with my Betta. He’s very social and has shown no interest in the cardinal tetras. Lived in a community tank prior to me getting him.

As a side note: I have a cycling 5Gallon tank for my office gifted to me by a friend and it only has an assassin snail in it at the moment. Originally was going to put another Betta in it (I love them and have always had great luck with them living for years and years) but has anyone had a successful 5G with a different species of fish?Looking for color to add to the tank.


I think you should be able to double the cardinals easy, or at least add a few more, and a small school of some other tetra, like glo-light tetras. Though just now wondering if their orange stripes may be bright enough to set off a betta. Certainly in about the same size class as the cardinals, anyway.


another type of small tetra could work but I would do a group of cories or a bottom feeder

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