200L Stocking

  1. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Hi Guys!

    Discovering new fish that I like is causing my stock list to need adjustments. Please could you take a look at my stock list and let me know what you think

    Tank - Fluval Roma 200
    Filter - Fluval U4 Internal
    PWC - 40-50% per week

    I would like my tank to eventually be stocked with:

    2 x Bolivian Rams
    10 x Rummynose Tetras
    8 x Bleeding Heart Tetras
    6 x Panda Corydoras
    6 x Julii Corydoras
    2 x Angelfish
    3 x Ottos
    2 x Honey Gourami

    I know it is a fair amount of variety. Please could you tell me if this is going to be overstocked, or if any agression issues may occur. I know the rams can get territorial if they breed. Would this work?

  2. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    I think you should do one type of Cory, add another Honey, and add a few more Ottos :)
  3. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    So should I do:

    2 x Bolivian Rams
    10 x Rummynose tetras
    8 x Bleeding Heart Tetras
    8 x Julii Corydoras
    2 x Angelfish
    6 x Ottos
    3 x Honey Gourami

    I currently have one male and one female gourami. Should I add another female? Would two males fight?

    Thanks :)
  4. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    I don't think Honey's would fight, but another female would be the best option, I think :)

    That looks good to me. You could even add two more Cories, if you wanted. And you may consider another filter in addition to one you have. It'll just barely get the job done. But with good water changes, I think it'll be fine. When I saw Fluval, I didn't think of the possibility of it being an internal filter (just skimmed over the post lol).
  5. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Thanks! My one LFS is good, and will pick male and female gouramis out if you ask. I am not sure that my preferred LFS will :( There is plenty of cover if they need to hide.

    I will probably bump the cories up to 10 then. At the moment, I will not be able to upgrade, but I would like to get an external later this year. I will keep up with the PWCs.

    Thanks for the help :)
  6. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Yeah, you'll be fine for a good while with that filter, I think, assuming your fish are not fully grown.
  7. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Yeah, most are not fully grown so far. The bleeding hearts are not fully grown and neither are the angels. I will probably buy the rams this week some time :)
  8. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    I picked up some bolivians, more rummies and another gourami today :)