200 Litre tank with

  1. JDavies200 Member Member

    Hi I have recently got the aquarium bug and got myself a 200 litre fish take. Would a red spotted severum, gold severum, 2 angelfish and a jewelled eartheater be ok in the same tank? I'm aware that the Severums will out grow the tank I a couple of years but would they all get on. If they were introduced at the same size and time? Thank you in advanced
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    What are the dimensions of the tank?

    Yes the sevs will definitely outgrow the tank but whether or not they will get along is all up to the temperament of the fish. Overall severums are typically very peaceful for cichlids. However, there are scores of people on forums that say their severum was a total jerk. Same goes for angels and geo's.
  3. JDavies200 Member Member

    Not at home at the mo. It's a fluval Roma 200. 1 meter wide 400 cm deep don't know height