200 Gallon Stocking

  1. PMcC127

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    I have a 200 Gallon tank with MORE than enough filtration for lots of fish. It is a planted tank so I would like to avoid fish that will eat or dig up the plants too much. Currently it houses a Delhezi Bichir, 2 geos, an african butterfly fish, 3 red spotted severums, and 3 rose line sharks. It is a fairly well stocked tank already with very active fish so I do not NEED anymore fish. However a majority of the fish are the same size at maximum size. I was wondering if there are any fish smaller than the ones I have currently but not so small as to get eaten in a second. Also, with the fish I have now, I would be worried about fin nippers. A few smaller fish might help with the interest of the visuals in the tank. This is mainly about curiosity and not so much about actually filling the tank more at this time. I have heard Rainbow fish over and over again but I am curious about others.
  2. BottomDweller

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    I would start by adding at least 3 more rose line sharks as they are schooling fish
  3. James17

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    We love pictures