20 Long Rescape

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    Every few months I tinker with my nano fish tank. It was never quite right, and I was never really happy with it. In fact, I had started to seriously contemplate the idea that long tanks like this one just weren't for me. But I decided to give it one more shot.

    I put the photo background on, which added additional depth, replaced the chunky driftwood, with the more unusual cuckoo roots, put the bubble bar in to encourage the fish to explore more visible parts of the tank (shy fish, this bunch), rearranged the plants, and installed the turtle dock. (Because as every fisherman knows, under the dock is a happening place.) Plus it's another way to draw the eye and add interest.

    The clay pot from my algae farm provides a place to explore, plus a spot to graze.

    Top plants: peace lily and long stalks of lucky bamboo, have the double benefit of giving fish places to explore and help with water quality.

    I think I'm finally happy.

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    Bumping this up for you
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