20 high, new stocking advice please 20 Gallon Tank

  1. kimoore Member Member

    I have a 20 high. The current stock is 3 balloon mollies (1 male, 2 female) 3 platies (1 male, 2 female) 3 bleeding heart tetras (sex unknown) and 1 common pleco. I KNOW my tank is overstocked. My goal is to reduce the number of fish in my tank. I just dont know which ones to take back to the LFS. I'm thinking maybe the mollies and playties, and instead getting 3-4 more tetras. That would make it 6-7 bleeding heart tetras and 1 common pleco. Or, take back the tetras and just keep everything else. I dont know which i should do. Thanks in advance!
  2. wisecrackerz Well Known Member Member

    that common plec needs to be re-homed, pronto. They get to be over 2' long.

    I know absolutely nothing about bleeding hearts, but I feel like the footprint of a 20 high isn't really large enough for a school of most common tetras i'm familiar with.

    I'd say keep the platys, and ditch the plec, mollies, and tetras, then maybe go for a school of harlequin rasboras, or maybe some pygmy corydoras.

  3. LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    The common pleco has to go immediately! He's probably already suffering from stunted growth in that tank. There's no way you should keep this fish.

    Take back the bleeding hearts, too. Don't forget that even though it's 20 gallons, it's 20 gallons "high". That means you really have less of a footprint for the fish to swim than you would in a regular 20.

    You need to stick with fish like guppies, ember tetras, things that don't require much space.
  4. kimoore Member Member

    Im going to keep the pleco, I know she will get big, but I feel resposible for her, and (good news) in the next year she will be moved into a 200 gal tank. So, for now, she stays. I like the idea of some rasboras. About how many? and what about endlers instead?

  5. LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    In the next year, meaning in 6 months or in 12 months? It makes a difference. Being responsible for our fish means doing the right thing for them.
  6. kimoore Member Member

    I havent had the pleco all that long, and she is only about 2" right now. I know she requires a bigger tank. However, i was given some horrible advice from my LFS and being a newbie, i didnt know better. I do have a big piece of driftwood and so far, so good. Im hoping i can keep her happy and healthy for the next 8 months. I wish i had known better. I SHOULD have gotten Cory's instead of the pleco, but like I said before, I was new to the whole fish keeping hobby and didnt know any better.
  7. wisecrackerz Well Known Member Member

    endlers should be fine in a 20G high, but i don't know if i'd keep them with the platies, you're really looking at constricted space here. you could probably keep like 6 endlers in there, i don't know that i'd do more than that, though. and do not try to keep more than one school in this tank; it's way too small for that.

    And honestly, you should move that plec, like now. I know you want to keep her, but they grow really fast. in a year, she might be over a foot long, if kept in an appropriate setting. is there any way you can re-home her sooner?

  8. LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    That's understandable. We've all made mistakes, no matter how long we've been in the hobby. My point is this, that 20 gallon high is going to be a miserable life for this pleco until you get this larger tank. And sometimes our dream of a larger tank never happens. Life gets in the way. In the meantime, fish die because they couldn't wait.

    Please reconsider. You can always get another pleco down the road. Plecos grow quickly and, even though they may seem small in size, they require larger environments even as juveniles to grow properly.
  9. kimoore Member Member

    Im sure i could find a new home for her. I would love to find her a new home, but my husband has other ideas and I cant change them, (he kept fish when he was kid and thinks he knows everything... this is what I am dealing with.) I think i will find new homes for everyone, (except the pleco...) and possibly go with some endlers OR rasboras. I know someone in the BSTF page had some beauties for sale.
  10. kimoore Member Member

    I understand your concern and truly do appreicate the advice, it tells me, that you honestly have the best interest of the fish at heart, (unlike the pet store...) And I am getting a new tank. We are building a house and the tank is part of the plans.

  11. kimoore Member Member

    what about a Betta? (pleco issue aside)
  12. Henri Well Known Member Member

    If you're dead set about the pleco, there's nothing we can do over the internet about it, you already got the advice about the pleco. The 200gal. should be bought ASAP...
    If you're going to rehome the entire stock (even the pleco when you get the big tank), here's a nice stock that I'm considering for my 20 gallon:
    - 6 neon tetras
    - 6 mosquito rasboras
    -6 pygmy cories
    - a pair of honey gouramis/single blue gourami
    This way you'll have a variety of colors and movement. Since you have a 20gl high, I don't know about the blue gourami, hopefully others will chime in but I think it might work.
    Good luck
  13. wisecrackerz Well Known Member Member

    see, i feel like two schools (tetras and rasboras) wouldn't have enough space in a tank with such a small footprint. Also, i'd avoid the gouramis. a betta that doesn't mind company could might a nice addition as a center piece fish, accompanied by one school or another, but i really wouldn't go with both in a 20 high (a 20L is another bowl of fish, all together).
  14. kimoore Member Member

    I dont know if you read the above posts, but its not so much me that is dead set on keeping the pleco, but my husband. Please dont attack me. I understand, whole heartedly, that she needs to be rehomed. Eventually, this 20 high will be my shrimp tank. In the mean time, i will be rehoming everything else and instead, probably going with some endlers.
  15. kimoore Member Member

    I wish now, i hadnt been talked into getting the 20H and instead had gone with my gut and gotten the 20L.
  16. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    What if you swaped the pleco for a BN pleco without him knowing. Maybe claim the one died so you went and replaced it.
  17. kimoore Member Member

    Thats so crazy, it just might work!!!:;nin2 Plus, i love those guys!
  18. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah I would just claim he died when your husband was at work or something and you wanted to surprise him with another one :) You could always get a clown they are pretty with stripes but they hide a lot. I personally love albino BN plecos. I have a full grown female in my 125 and I love her.
  19. Henri Well Known Member Member

    Yeah you're right, this tank is inappropriate for two types of schools, that's why I chosed two very small ones, the neons and the mosquito rasboras, these last reach only about 20mm(2cm or not even an inch).
    In the other hand it would be hard to find a betta that doesn't mind company, it's more likely going to be a coincidence, you'll have to "try" bettas until you find a peaceful one.
  20. Henri Well Known Member Member

    I read the above posts and I by no means was trying to attack you. By 'dead set' I ment in the circumstances you are in. I'm sorry you got it that way.
    Erica's suggestion about getting a BN is awesome! They're really cool plecos and have the cute bristles that the common plecos don't :D