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I’m looking for a 20 gallon high tank setup as cheap as I can get one. I know Petco is having a $1/gal sale right now, but the tank doesn’t come with a lid and I honestly have absolutely no idea which lid to buy to fit it! The reviews of Aqueon’s lid meant specifically for the tank say that it doesn’t actually fit properly, and the lighting is crappy. I have low-light needing plants (swords, java fern, anubias and rotala coin) but they still need somewhat decent light. Help?? Recommendations??


I used clear pvc plastic on my 60 gallonfor lids. Just get the tank and then a sheet of that big enough to cover it. You need a saw to cut it, but home depot might do it for you. Or the corrugated plastic would work well (the stuff that looks like plastic cardboard, no idea what its called...) and just a utility knife works on it.

Then I'd look for a short led light for a shop or something in the HD clearance rack and use that.

I use a 6500k, 2-4000 lumen 4ft shop light and my anubius, java fern and java moss is fine.

If you want pretty, then get glass cut at HD and buy a beamsworks or nicrew light from Amazon.

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