20 Gallon Tank Stocking

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    sbme401 Initiate Member

    I have a 20 gallon planted tank and I want to turn it into a community aquarium with at least two different types of fish. My current plan is to get a Dwarf Gourami, 5-6 Panda Cories, and 10 Neon Tetras. According to AqAdvisor, i have plenty of filtration capacity for these species. Would these fish get along? This sounds to me like it might be a bit much for my 20 gal. aquarium so I just want to make sure it would work.

  2. el337

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    Those fish would be fine together. And it's not too much for a 20g, you could probably even have a few more fish depending on whether this is a 20g tall or long.
  3. JeffK

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    Sounds like a nice stocking plan to me!
  4. aquatickeeper

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    I also wouldn't use Aqadvisor. I would post here it you've any questions instead.
  5. OP

    sbme401 Initiate Member

    My tank is a 20g tall. It's 19.25" tall with a 24.35" x 12.5" footprint
  6. aquatickeeper

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    I'd up the panda cories to 8.
  7. Anders247

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    Agreed with aquatickeeper.