20 Gallon Tall - Thinking of adding a few more fish

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    unitedSWD1968 New Member Member

    Just curious, I currently have 6 Red Minor Tetras and 4 Red Wagtail Platy's in a 20 gallon tall tank. Is it possible to add another school of either small fish like rasboras or ember tetras or bottom dwellers like Cory's or am I about the limit for this tank. Thank you.
  2. FallenOwl

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    IMO, you could do 5-6 Rasbora OR 5-6 ember tetras. If you do both you would have to much swimming in the middle.
    Since its a 20 gallon tall tank, I wouldn't do cories, they are explorers and enjoy their room. ;)
  3. Silister Trench

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    When I first started I used this livestock calculator as a guideline for what I could or couldn't have. Punch in your data and remember you don't want to necessarily fill your tank to max capacity because you'll fight I never ending nitrate war that's not really winnable. It tends to be more or less accurate based on how honest you are, and it's noteworthy to mention just because you have a 20 gallon tank you don't usually have 20 gallons in it... In one of mine it's more like 15 or or 16 gallons after substrate and decorations. Maybe less
  4. JeffK

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    If you wanted to do 6x one of the dwarf cory species (C. habrosus, C. hastatus, or C. pygmeaus), they'd be ok IMO. A 20 gal tall has a 24" x 12" footprint and the dwarfs max out around 1 inch
  5. tyguy7760

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    Agree with JeffK . I would not do another school of mid/top dwelling fish. A 24 inch tank only has room for one schooling fish per region with most species. Dwarf cories would be great and I'd say 6-8 would be fine. Alternatively, you could do 6-8 kuhli loaches.
  6. el337

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    I'd probably go with c. habrosus as they tend to stay mostly at the bottom while the others spend quite a bit of time in the mid region.
  7. OP

    unitedSWD1968 New Member Member

    Thank you everybody :eek:)