20 gallon Stocking

  1. FreshFishes

    FreshFishes Valued Member Member

    Hello! I am moving in about a month, and I've bought a 20 gallon high tank to upgrade from the ten gallon that I currently have.
    When I move, I am going to cycle it without fish (using pure ammonia as my source). The filter on it is an Aqueon Quietflow 20, and the tak will be heated. I currently have three platys, one bristlenose pleco, and one otocinlus in the ten gallon (yes overstocked, got some poor advice), and was planning on moving them to the 20 gallon.
    My stocking plan is as follows:
    1 bristlenose pleco
    5-6 platys
    6-7 otocincluses
    I would do 25% water changes a week, the temperature would be 78F and the pH would be 7.4 consistently
    Is this overstocked? I would really like to keep the pleco and the platys, but I wasn't so sure about the otos.
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I think you're fine with the otos and platies (get all males so you don't get overrun with fry), but the BN pleco isn't appropriate for a 20 gal high - the tank is too small.
  3. OP

    FreshFishes Valued Member Member

    Thank you! I'll return him asap.