20 Gallon Setup And Stocking


Hello all,

I am brand new to the hobby. I had a 5gal when I was a kid with 3 tiger barbs for some reason from Walmart. But that was ages ago.
Now my friend is giving me a 20 gallon long, used as a terrarium for a while, and I wanted to convert it to an aquarium.

What filter/pump/heater would be good for a tropical aquarium? I plan on doing an fishless cycle before I stock with anything.

My water has pH 7.2 and gH of 45ppm according to my city's website

I was planning on stocking with:
6 peppered cories a local hobbyist bred and is giving me
8-10 of a suitable tetra/rasbora/barb (suggestions?)
1-3 honey gouramI or similar centerpiece

How does this stocking sound?
And what plants would be good, if any? Or should I stick to fake?

Thanks so much!


Stocking sounds good. Honey gouramis are a great community fish, that's for sure! Unlike most gourami, honeys are the most peaceful species. As for a shoaling fish, you should get some Celestial Pearl Danio, a beautiful specimen nonetheless.


Stick with live plants. Even if you're new, go with easy low demand plants. They look much better and helps with water quality and ecosystem.

For stocking here is an idea
6 peppered cories
15 green neon tetras
3 honey gouramis

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