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  1. Jaq

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    Hello! I'm kinda new to FishLore, and this is my first post. My question is, how will the following fish do in an well established, 20 gallon tall planted aquarium?
    (Aquarium is fully cycled and ready for stocking, with no other fish)

    - Cardinal Tetras (5-7)

    - Cory's, otos, or snails.

    - 1 Dwarf Gourami

    - Semi-schooling top dwellers such as rasboras, platy's, or guppies.

    I have done some research and I think this could work. But, I would also like to hear some tips or ideas from you guys. Thanks :)
  2. oysterstu

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    With the plant buffer...proper care and proper feeding you should be able to make it work.. in theory of course. The concern being the minimum amount of fish needed per school. Corys love friends..but it may overcrowd your tank quickly with the other schooling fish. I've seen them in tanks alone...but am not 100% sure if that is the best option or not.

    The fish you have listed i see most often as what most would use as their beginner fish. The other ones being zebra Danio's, white clouds, regular neon tetra and glow light tetra...or goldfish.

    The dwarf Gourami can sometimes be pretty sensitive...and or aggressive. I'd recommend to start slow..and do 3 fish at a time till you are comfortable. Get bottom feeders or algae eaters once you've seen algae growth (if the plants "allow it") and or your comfortable.

    Practice proper feeding and water changes. With it being a planted tank, you will find it may be easier for you to maintain optimum water quality. Its great for the fish to use as hiding spots.

    Snails..shrimps..and frogs are always fun additions to any tank. One more thing to look for/at. We feed our Ghost Shrimp red and green flakes now....they look like Christmas shrimps now lol.

    The one other consideration being use of salt. Guppies and live bearers will thrive with aquarium salt..where as the tetra might not do as well.

    Hope this helps at all..
  3. OP

    JaqValued MemberMember

    Ok, after reading your reply, I have a couple questions.

    - Will Zebra Danios produce too many fry?

    - I am not going to get goldfish because they are messy. Do you know of any good centerpiece fish for my tank?
  4. oysterstu

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    I'm under the belief it is tricky to get danios to reproduce.

    Considering bottom dwellers, middle swimmers and top swimmers..there are always a lot of variety you can play with.

    I love red tailed black variatus. Sword tails can be amazing centerpiece fish.

    Ghost Shrimp on the bottom..+ snails and or dwarf frogs give you great variety on the bottom of your tank for people to look for.
  5. pirahnah3

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    I honestly like the stock in your initial post for that tank. I wouldnt worry about the danios breeding, I have kept danio only tanks and have never found a fry lol.