20 Gallon Long Livebearer

  1. Pictusboss

    Pictusboss Member Member

    1526822820116-589861166.jpg 1526822820116-589861166.jpg 2x gold twinbar platy
    (1male, 1 female)

    2x gold panda mollie
    (2 males)

    1x female red mag platy

    2x mikey mouse platy
    (Both females)

    I was thinking that since I only have 1 male platy, and both of my mollies are males, and they can't hybridize, my stocking should grow only if that male breeds. I also have a fish store that will take the fry if they do. I also have a strong filter that may end up sucking some up. I will send a pic. My 2 questions are:

    1. Can I add 2 lyretails and something for fry control

    2. Can I give some of the fry to my Betta?
  2. RainBetta

    RainBetta Member Member

    Maybe 1 lyretail... and Yes! Bettas like to eat fry! (At least mine do) BTW I'd add some more plants
  3. OP

    Pictusboss Member Member

    Yeah I would add plants but my budget is very limited. I'm just 15 so I get the occasional 10 bucks from chores, but hardly enough for plants.
  4. RainBetta

    RainBetta Member Member

    Ah! I saved up money and put it aside for my fish stuff!