20 Gallon German Blue Ram Build

  1. 2006fuzz

    2006fuzz Valued Member Member

    Not building fish lol. In the next week or so I'll have a pair of German Blue Rams in my empty 20 long. Tanks cycled on sponge filters as I wait for the final scaping and my fluval 106 canister to come in. I'm having a hard time deciding on substrate and overall decor.

    Tank stocking is:
    - 1m/f GBR pair

    Tank is kept at 82 degrees F.

    i was initially thinking of an underwater rooty sort of scape, lots of driftwood, some moss. Potentially afew leafy plants. My biggest concern atm is substrate. I've used BDBS, and I find it super hard to clean. I don't really have access to a hose outside to rinse it, or a bath tub (shower only apartment) so I was wondering. Is it worth biting the bullet on aquarium sand, specifically florite sand? i was thinking a black or dark brown sand bed to make my rams' color pop and fit in with the driftwood look.

    Also wondering what else I can keep in here, I'm hoping to have these two as a breeding pair so other bottom dweallers wouldn't really work in a tank this small (darnit) but would some guppies work or something else perhaps?
  2. Discus-Tang

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member

    I wouldn't try other fish. There is a risk that they'll eat the spawn and/or fry.