20 gallon FOWLR tank

  1. SonsOfGuppies

    SonsOfGuppies Valued Member Member

    I've been doing research for a while now in preparation for the transition of my tank from freshwater planted to saltwater FOWLR in August. My stocking plan right now are just 2 Ocellaris Clownfish (and probably il add a goby or two).

    I have some questions:
    1) Do i need a protein skimmer? (considering the stock I'm planning to have)

    2) Can i run a FOWLR without a canister filter? I heard that it would be a nitrate factory, and i also learnt that live rocks does most of the biological and chemical filtration in a FOWLR tank. So i should have it removed, right? But some people tells me not to because it creates flow and circulation in the tank, which is a good thing. But then i could replace it with a few powerhead instead. Im not entirely sure.

    3) How good does the tap water quality have to be to make an RO unit unnecessary?

    4) Do live rocks need lighting with some blue in it?

  2. peregrine

    peregrine Valued Member Member

    OK. So I think I answered your #3 in your other thread...

    As for the others:
    1 & 2) In research you don't technically NEED one, it is highly recommended because it does mechanical filtration. You can run it without a canister filter, you may need to create a sump though. The hard thing (again in my research)) is that yes the live rock does do most if not all the biological filtration but you have to make sure that there is no dead spots in the water and you have enough movement to get it around the live rock to do bio filtration. So you would need to choose at minimum one or the other to get the mechanical filtration done, or some other form of mechanical filtration..

    4) Live rock is just rock that has the beneficial bacteria on it and usually has other tiny tiny critters on it. Don't believe it needs any special lighting.

    Again these are from what research I have done and could technically be way off base.