20 Gallon Betta Sorority

  1. AshleyBetta

    AshleyBetta Well Known Member Member

    After recently reacquainting myself with this site, I have successfully caught another wave of betta fever.

    Long story short, I have an empty 20 gallon high. Every time I look at it, I can't help but reminisce of the betta sorority that it used to hold. That was well over two years ago. It didn't turn out so well, with all the girls dead within a year.

    Since that tragic mess, I have learned a lot, and I think I am willing to try take number two with the whole betta sorority thing.

    What is everyone's opinions? Should I go for it? I know this topic can get a little messy as there are a lot of split views on whether or not sororities are okay, but I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.
  2. Airth

    Airth Valued Member Member

    Betta sororities can be tricky, yes. As long as you do your research and have a backup plan for the girls in case things don't work out then I see no problem with it. =) Cought the betta fever myself and started a sorority in my 29 gallon community tank. They've been going for a little over a week now with no issues. There's some chasing but that was expected. I personally think having the other fish in there helps to distract them.

    A few bits of advice:
    If possible, try to get your girls as babies. I'm finding that baby girls aren't as aggressive with each other as the adults seemed to be when I held their cups up at the store.

    Have lots of plants and a few caves. Breaking the line of sight really helps with the chasing and nipping. Dither fish also help out. Cherry barbs are a good distraction in my tank.

    I have a couple of larger fish in there as well (bolivian rams) which I'm finding help with keeping all of the girls in line. If any of them get too rowdy, the bolivians quickly set them straight. Overall, the community sorority is going smoothly.

    If it's something you're passionate about, that you have the time and ability to do, then I say go for it. =)