20 Gallon Aquaclear 50g Diy Media?

  1. Belladonna

    Belladonna Valued Member Member

    hi, I'm trying a diy filter media I have looked through a few and have some ideas/knowledge about types that can help the BB and help with some of the ammonia spike, I need help to rid ammonia my aqua-clear 50 currently has two sponges and biomax and I have a foam filter that uses the air pump, from suggestions I was told not to get Purigen if I wanted to get plants, I am looking to try plants and filter media to help cycle the tank and try to reduce the amount of ammonia for my fish.. better as the only issue I have right now is ammonia, have 0 nitrites 10 nitrates but 1.0 ammonia I did pwc and its back to normal levels for now, I've seen bio balls bio pellets active pearls, any suggestion that others have used and are still using would be helpful, thank you.
  2. tocandesu

    tocandesu Well Known Member Member

    If you have leftover space in your filter you could add more biomax, ceramic rings, or the biopellets you mentioned. However, these won't necessarily lower your ammonia immediately. Instead, more biomedia just means you can get grow more bacteria, so you'll need to complete a cycle for ammonia to lower.

    What you can do is do water changes and use Seachem Prime to neutralize the ammonia.