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20 gal long tank starter Salt help

  1. zcpetty

    zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    I made a topic on this before and got no responses. I want to start a 20 gal long tank for my first salt tank. I have been told a 30 gal pump, live rock, and aragonite sand is all i need for a basic set up. Dont i need something for temp, or a skimmer?
  2. r

    r4fish17 Valued Member Member

    Hello. For as basic set-up, all you really need is live rock, a power head, a heater, and a hydrometer. A sump, protein skimmer, uv sterilizer etc. are technically optional, but are great to have and can help to keep conditions more stable. HOB filters can be used successfully with saltwater tanks also, but will require maintenance more often than in freshwater to keep nitrates from building up.

    Test kits are also important to check your water quality. Ro/Di water is the best for saltwater tanks. Never use tap. You can get away with distilled but RO is really the safest. Refractometers are preferable to hydrometers as they are more accurate.

    Is this going to be fish only with live rock (FOWLR) or a reef? If it is a reef then you will also need a lighting system capable of sustaining a reef, though the type of light will depend on the type of coral you wish to keep.

    What fish do you plan on getting as that could affect what you need to buy?
  3. OP

    zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    I havent quite decided what type.. But it will be for fish. I dont think corals would be easy..