20 gal high, or 20 gal long

  1. Daniel W Member Member

    Well, sometime in the future I want to get a 20 gallon. I'm just not sure if I want to get a 20 gallon long or a 20 gallon high. For this tank, I hope for 2 honey gouramis, 6 cories (still haven't decided what breed yet. Advice is gladly welcomed.:)), and around 7 bloodfin tetras. I want which would be a more appropriate tank setup, a 20 gallon long, or a 20 gallon high.
  2. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    20 Gallon long - no question! Larger footprint means more horizontal swimming room for your fish. Your stocking plan sounds good, too!
  3. Justinokay Member Member

    A 20 gal tank usually comes in landscape( laying on the side ) or portrait ( standing tall) versions
    and for the fish you want you should get a 20 gal that is a landscape version so that you can have room for more substrate plants and room for fish to roam around
  4. Daniel W Member Member

    Thanks for the advice! But the only reason I ask is because I read in another thread that a 20 gallon high tank is better for a community set up. I think it was because there's more space in the different levels, making the fish more comfortable. Not sure if I should take that in account.
  5. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    20 gallon long has a bigger footprint for the fish and more surface area for oxygen exchange. A 20 high may have more vertical space for levels, but these levels have more limited amounts of swimming room for the fish.
  6. Daniel W Member Member

    Okay, thanks for the advice. Just to clarify, the reason a 20 gallon long would be better would be because of swimming space and oxygen exchange?
  7. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Long gives more horizontal space. IMO in a community tank, all fish should be peaceful thus it shouldnt matter if they merge into other areas to explore.

    Bigger footprint is best.

    20g Long.

    Ps in all stores I see they are L or T (long or tall) is vert/horiz in UK or not America???
  8. Daniel W Member Member

    A 20 gallon tall doesn't mean vertical, it just means a short rectangle. Looks like your normal 10 gallon.
  9. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Yeah tall is vertical, long is horizontal. Did I say something else? Sorry!
  10. Daniel W Member Member

    Oh! I thought by vertical you meant one of those really tall tanks! Sorry!
  11. Skyy2112 Member Member

    2.5, 5, and 10 are all the same 'ratios'

    20 have tall/long.
    -tall is more like a 10g that is taller,
    -long is same height of a 10g, but wider

    Thus a long, is shorter, and more side to side. Not as much height. This is generally better. IMO Long>Tall always.

    Tall is taller like a 29/30/33, just not as wide.
  12. zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    Just got a 20long its a 30 gal that had its top cropped. Same footprint, stands, lids, and I IMO should use same filters 30+