20 gal High Aquarium with goldfish water changes

  1. sliderdkp

    sliderdkp Valued Member Member

    I have a 20 gal high aquarium. I has 1 large fancy goldfish, 1 small Pleco, and now 11 zebra danios. In another thread, it said to do water changes at a certain %, unless you have goldfish. I asked about "with goldfish", and was referred to start my own thread. How much % water change should I do in this tank? Currently I do 25% change each week, with an occasional 50% change. Any recomendations?
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    dakota Valued Member Member

    I would do about the same as you are. I would also vacuum at the same time once a week to keep the substrate clean. Gold fish can make alot of waste. Also make sure your filter is cleaned. I do my filter every other water change on my smaller tanks. On the 72 gallon I am in the process of building I will do the water 30 to 40% change and clean the filter every week because of the bio load it will have. Thanks

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