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20 G tank - Home Work before stocking and setup

  1. saqib

    saqib Well Known Member Member

    Hey guys,

    After almost 2 years since my last aquarium setup its time to start another one, the growing hobby syndrome :D. I already have a 150 Gallon & 35 Gallon setup.
    im setting up a new 20g setup to be placed inside my room next to the bed for lazy viewing :)

    for the intended setup, the entire setup is custom made hence the unique gallon figures of 20.
    for filtration ive used a power head filter which sucks up the aquarium water and channels it back through a tubing at the top of the aquarium creating a kind of water fall effect. will share the photos soon.

    The tricky part is that i dont intend on using anything else apart from the filteration, meaning there will be no substrate (to keep the gallons to their maximum & keep things clean) nor heating mechanism for the water. During summers the water may go upto 30C whilst in the winters drop to almost 10C.

    what to stock it with?
  2. TigerBarb64

    TigerBarb64 Valued Member Member

    cold-water community tank suggestions :;google. all I can think off is white cloud mountain minnows.Sorry:(