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Hey fishlore! It's been a while since I have dedicated time to helping people on this website, and wanted to "get back in the game" so to speak. I just wanted to start out with a fun little thread before I seriously got back to asking and answering questions, which is to type anywhere up to 20 facts about yourself. I'll start:

1. My account was first set up by an 11 year old cousin of mine. He created an account and was asking questions about ridiculous hypothetical 10 gallon stockings and if it was okay to feed a live zebra danio to his pet lizard. I took over the account once he was done and started using it myself.

2. My favorite color is black.

3. I have a hole in my heart, which was found when testing me for asthma.

4. I have tons of other pets besides fish, such as frogs, a bearded dragon, a pueblan milk snake, a praying mantis, crabs, and lots more. I rescue both fish and small pets from owners who can't care for them anymore.

5. I am super tired right now, but now that I started this, I won't be able to sleep soundly until I finish it.

6. I am only 15 years old, though I like to think I am knowledgeable enough to pass as older online.

7. I sleepwalk frequently. Ever since I ended up sleepwalking on the side of the road in the middle of the night (luckily my mother realized and brought me home) I have to sleep with my door locked.

8. I will do almost anything on a dare. This has resulted in severe jellyfish stings, a completely burned pair of pants, broken bones, falls from high heights, police encounters, and 5 concussions over the years.

9. As you can probably tell from 8, I am pretty unintelligent when it comes to anything non-fish related.

10. I have been fishkeeping for almost 10 years, but it wasn't until I was 9 or so that I began to get serious about it (breeding harder species like rainbowfish tetras and certain cichlids, staying on top of maintenance, etc)

11. My favorite food is grill cooked corn on the cob. Add a bit of spices and its perfect.

12. I love mountain biking and bmx. I have races every fall, and practice even when its snowing and absolutely freezing out.

13. I am a totally self sufficient hobbyist. I mow lawns, shovel snow, and work under the counter at a restaurant that way I pay and sell plants and fish that I breed in order to pay for all my aquariums, as well as upkeep and electricity fees.

14. I play football and run track and cross country as well. I have tried practically every common sport except cricket, horseback riding and golf.

15. I sleep on my right side only. (Maybe I am writing so many sleep related ones since I am so tired)

16. I am terrified of heights. Even riding planes scares me.

17. 17 is my favorite number, hence why I am stopping here.

You guys are next! Write any number of facts about yourselves!
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1. I have friends.
2. My Fiance and I are both 1st gen. Australians (I'm Irish, she's Portuguese).
3. I run on a basic Eat-Sleep-Fish pattern.
4. I know too much about the food & industry, especially in terms of cattle (milk, beef etc.)
5. My favorite colour is purple.
8. I can't count
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1. I love to travel. I’ve been to Canada, Honduras, Spain, Japan, Korea, Germany, Pakistan, Iraq and some other places. I enjoy meeting new people. Someday in the near future, I hope to go back to Europe with just a backpack and just travel the continet for a couple weeks.

2. I love food. I like to try different things and experament.

3. I also enjoy cooking.

4. I love to fish. It’s another fish-related passion of mine.

5. I’ll be honest. I’m incredably self-indulgent; I like nice things.

6. I’m a Scotch and Bourbon guy.

7. I’m a Taurus.

8. My favorite beer is Dos Esquis.

9. I have a degree in accounting and am a business major.

10. I like making people laugh.

11. I used to have my lip, ear, eyebrow pierced, when I was young. My dad is very conservative. I still recall him freaking out when I got my first piercing, which was on the ear.

12. I am a bit world-weary and have been a little more cynical the past few years, but I still try to see the best in people.

13. I believe in a better future for everyone. A lot of times I see one group leaving out another group. I don’t think like that. No group, race, gender, sexuality, etc. should be left out. I guess you could say I like to philosophize too.

That’s all for now.
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1. I have green hair.
2. I love cacti.
3. I am studying Spanish, Japanese, French and German right now with plans to learn others in the future.
4. I volunteer for 2 non-profits, one related to mental health and the other domestic violence.
5. I'm collecting prints of different artist's drawings of Wednesday Addams.
6. Dark chocolate is my favorite.
7. I've lived in 5 states, but was born and raised in Texas.
8. Swimming is my favorite summer activity.
9. Halloween/Samhain is my #1 favorite holiday ever and we celebrate Dia de los Muertos (a great deal of my family is from Mexico and my son is latinx).
10. I'm getting braces or invisalign this year
11. I plan on being heavily tattooed.
12. I have 3 facial piercings that have been there for so long that they never close, even with months of no jewelry being inserted.
13. I'm excited to travel overseas after I've finished my Masters.
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I can never think of any facts about myself!! i'm too boring. I always prefer answering a list of questions if I can. i'm enjoying reading these!
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1. I make my own sauce from fresh tomatoes.

2. I have two rabbits.

3. I drive a Kia but I want a Jeep.

4. I’m new to aquariums and am 4 days into cycling my very first tank!

5. I design and make Bent Wood Rings.

6. Wildlife photography is a hobby of mine.

7. I recently had hip replacement surgery.

8. The Shining is my favorite movie.

9. I have been through 48 states and lived in 5.

10. Bananas are my favorite fruit.

11. I have two sisters who I am very close too and love very much.

12. I love keeping a garden.

13. I love jokes that most people find offensive.

14. I’m 5’ 11” tall

15. I’m a morning bird. Usually awake by 3am every day.

16. I wear contacts.

17. I believe in the existence of alien life and that we have been visited.

18. I’m not crazy but I may be a little off.

19. I’m afraid of spiders.

20. Me and my BF call each other “Chickens”

21. I have one small tattoo of a butterfly on my upper back near my shoulder.

22. I like shopping at pawn shops.
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1. I love good food and going out for dinner. I go out 2 or 3 times a week.

2. I also enjoy cooking and cook everynight I don't go out as well as making my own desserts, cake, chocolates and anything else. I'm alsI starting to make my own sauces.

3. I have a daughter how will be 2 in october

4. I taught myself chinese.

5. I moved to china when I was 23 and have been here eversince.

6. I teach business and hospitality at university.

7. I love spicy food and my daughter loves it too.

8. I love to travel.

9. Ill try almost anything once.

10. I love boating, camping and fishing.

11. I enjoy a drink and drink everything. What depends on my mood and what I'm eating.

12. I also love gambling but I never gamble with what I can't afford to lose and only when I'm sure I will win.

13. I also will not gamble with someone who I know can't afford to lose and that's cost me money.

14. I don't regret anything I have ever done and would rather regret doing something then not doing it.

15. I can't stand cats and cane toads.

16. Trying to think of 20 family friendly things to share is harder then it looks.

17. I enjoy gardening both outdoors and indoor plants.

18. My wife is a traditional chinese doctor.

19. I beat the op. They gave up at 17.

20. I'm cooking ribeye steak for dinner tonight..
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Hear goes
1 I despise with everything in me.. snakes.. I can't see how people have them as pets. No offense meant to people who do
2 I raise calves .. have around 40 of them, they are all named and it takes me about 3 hours a day to feed them.
3 I have absolutely no problem with keeping animals outside, whether it be dogs, cats or rabbits. I have lots of pets and the only ones who live inside permanently are the fish. No one can every convince me that my dog would be happier trapped in the house, rather than exploring 70 acres of fields, woods and streams.
4 I am a Christian
5 we farm around 1000 acres of land, corn hay and soybeans
6 I have a big garden and enjoy it alot, however I am getting tired of weeding it!!
7 I love chocolate
8 I didn't go to high school
9 I was a foreman on a landscaping crew for four years before I got married
10 I have the best husband in the world ( sure some will say that's debatable
11 I love kids
12 we milk cows, raise steers, and have chicken houses
13 I can peaches, tomatoe sauce and lots of other things
14 I think I am a very boring person
15 I have 4 dogs
16 I thoroughly enjoy reading
17 I need more fish tanks
18 I love anything to do outside
19 we don't go on vacation because of our animals
20 I despise conflict with anyone and am glad to be part of Fish lore!!
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1. My account was set up when I got into the hobby and wanted a place to come where I can talk about aquariums without being judged. Other people, my age don't understand how much I can enjoy the hobby and often laugh at me because of it.

2. My favourite colours are pink and blue.

3. I contracted the BurulI Ulcer last year, had a hole in my knee for 9 months and still have a scar.

4. Aside from fish, I have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 frogs, 4 ducks, 3 horses, 1 goat and a cow called Caramel.

5. I have no clue what I'm doing 97.34% of the time

6. I'm 14.

7. My cat is currently begging me to give her the bloodworms I'm defrosting for my Betta.

8. I'm incredibly clumsy, and can't walk to the kitchen each morning without crashing into at least one wall.

9. I only have 2 fish tanks (apparently that's 'enough,' according to my parents.) Although I'm already planning on a fish tank rack to ask for Christmas. When my dad told me to plan ahead, I don't think this is what he meant.

10. I've kept frogs for 8 years, but only started keeping aquariums this year.

11. My favourite sweet food is chocolate and savoury is nachos.

12. I love cycling, I road cycle and mountain bike. I have too many bruises to prove it.

13. I really want a job at my lfs.

14. I ride horses competitively, which is very fun but also stressful so I'm considering becoming a trick rider and running away with the circus.

15. I have far, far more animals friends than human. They're very good listeners.

16. I really want a pet python, but my dad's afraid of snakes (probably because of the 20 copperheads living in our backyard. Australia, am I right?)

17. I hate apples.

18. My cat is blind.

19. I just realised most of these facts are animal related. Guess that proves my point.

20. The bloodworms are done defrosting. Perfect timing. Bye!
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1. I like pineapple on pizza. *gasp! You mean I can’t be trusted??*

2. I have too many hobbies, but my favorite is writing fiction books no one will ever read.

3. Spazydoo ha! My real life nickname is Kia, and I drive a Jeep .

4. I wanted to be a veterinarian but that dream has come and gone so I now I’m using the aquarium hobby as that outlet instead, and my family looks at me like I’m a nutter.

5. I’ve developed a love for local craft beers and now I can’t drink big brand beers without wishing it was a craft beer instead.

6. My favorite series is BBC Sherlock.

7. I can’t parallel park to save a squirrel.

8. I really like anime/video game music.

9. I hate ketchup. A lot.

10. I live in New Mexico. The answer to “Red or green?” Is Green.

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