20 & 55 Gallon Community Tanks

  1. C

    Canadian Fish Valued Member Member

    Added some driftwood and fish to my 20 gallon, and a bubble wall to the 55 gallon.

    This is my new 55 gallon tank.

    This is my established 20 gallon tank.

    We're new to this hobby but we're really enjoying it. My 3 year old loves going to the fish store every weekend for fish and/or supplies. We're quite pleased with how the tanks are coming along.
  2. Landozer18

    Landozer18 Well Known Member Member

    Enjoying is the point :)
  3. d

    deon junior Valued Member Member

    looks very nice!
  4. OP

    Canadian Fish Valued Member Member

    Thanks! I added some driftwood since this video and it hid the green bubble wand nicely. (I added it to lower my PH and for a bristlenose pleco I plan to add later) But it's also aesthetically pleasing.
  5. c

    cameronpalte Valued Member Member

    Looks great:)... enjoying it is the main point!
  6. b

    bowcrazy Well Known Member Member

    I hope you did your homework on driftwood before you added it so that you don’t get any surprises. Driftwood will leach tannins into the tank and slowly turn the water to a tea color and will also slowly soften the water. I tell you this so that you will not panic when the tank water starts to turn colors on you. Some people don’t like the tannin look at all and some love it. If you don’t like the tea color you can always boil the tannins out of the driftwood and then put it back into the tank. This will help lower the amount of tannins released by the driftwood. You can also do large water changes every week to help keep the tea color to a minimum. By the way those are some nice looking tanks!
  7. OP

    Canadian Fish Valued Member Member

    I was told NOT to boil it, but to soak it in hot water for 24 hours. Either way, I did that and I got no discoloration in my tanks. All 3 of my tanks have driftwood now and no water color change whatsoever.

    Did lower my PH a little, but I was hoping for that.

    Thanks for the warning, I would have freaked if I had added the wood and muddied my tanks!

  8. b

    bowcrazy Well Known Member Member

    Very good! So many add driftwood for the looks not realizing that it can release tannins and color the water. I love the look in my brackish tanks. I have found depending on the peace of wood itself it can take quite sometime for the tannins to leach out on some and then just over night some peaces will color the water. If the color starts showing up and you don't like it or can't keep it to a minimum with water changes just boil it for 10 to 30 minutes and it will slow the process way down.
  9. jdhef

    jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    I think (but I'm not sure so hopefully someone who knows will chime in) that carbon will take out the tea color.