2 WCMM staying completely to themselves, hiding by filter?


I have a question. I have 2 White Mountain Cloud Minnows. They stay completely to themselves, hiding right over the filter. I would like to know what



Hello, and welcome to Fishlore! I believe I may have an answer to your question. White clouds are very social fish, and should be kept in groups of 6-8 minimum. If not, they may become stressed and hide more. This likely could be the issue, or it could be something else entirely. Could you please fill out the emergency template? It could help give us more ideas for possible causes. I also see from your profile that you don't know about the nitrogen cycle. A cycled tank is essential for good water quality, and if the water quality is poor, that can lead to a wide array of issues. I suggest talking to mattgirl to learn more about the cycle, they are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.


Hi, Julz64. Welcome to Fishlore!

How long have you had your fish?

Also your profile indicates you don't know about the nitrogen cycle. And to help us figure out what's going on, do you mind filling out the template, as mentioned above?

Reading on the nitrogen cycle:
Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle


They do that when there's an ammonia/nitrite spike

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