2 Red Tail Black Shark In 55g Tank.

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by WilsonGonzalez, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. WilsonGonzalezNew MemberMember

    My tank has 3 sword tails, 2 Neon Tetra, 2 Roseline sharks, and 9 kuhli loaches, as well as a couple of snails, it has some plants and a few aquarium ornaments. I plan on getting more sword tails, to get a better male to female ratio, as well as more plants, I want to get it heavily planted.

    Today, I added 2 red tail black sharks that my parents got me as a gift cause they liked how they look. I must admit that I love how the new red tails look, but I'm a bit scared that with time they will get more aggressive and possibly harm the rest of my fish. This is the only tank I have. For now all seems fine, but I have read that the red tails get quite aggressive when they settle in the tank.

    I would like to know if anyone here has experience with these fish and what they recommend, I have had fish for most of my life but usually one or 2 species at a time and in very small numbers. all my fish have played well with each other up to this point and I would like to keep the harmony in my tank.

    I was wondering if I can keep both sharks or reduce the number down to 1? or if I should wait and see how they behave in the future?

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  2. SuperKWell Known MemberMember

    I unfortunately do not know too much about red tails, however I believe they are not compatible with your stocking, I've heard they are quite aggressive.

    What I will add however is that neons need to be in schools of 6. Please consider adding more when you get the chance.

  3. XanderWell Known MemberMember

    A 4 foot tank does not offer enough territory for two fully grown red tail sharks. A six foot tank might, with enough decorations to break their line of sight from each other, but in keeping two in a 55 you will have a recipe for death, some day in the future. Definitely drop it down to just one if you have the option.

    Your roselines and your neons would both benefit from being in a proper sized school, as well. But bringing the roselines up to a school would bring you very close to overstocking your tank, as they grow quite large.

  4. DeathFromNHValued MemberMember

    Two red tails in a tank that small will not work out in the end. One will kill the other.

  5. WilsonGonzalezNew MemberMember

    I'll see where I can take the red tail, or see if anyone with a large tank wants it.

    I had thought of getting more tetras to properly school them, I shall get more as soon as I can as well as getting more sword tails. For now the poor roseline will stay a pair till I get a second tank.

    Thanks for the advice!
    I'll post more of my aquarium when i update it in the future!
  6. WilsonGonzalezNew MemberMember

    I removed one of the red tails, fixed my swordtails male to female ratio, added more neon bringing them up to 6 ( I found 1 neon dead today which made me sad and they are only 5, but i will get one more this coming weekend.) I also added 4 ghost shrimp and a bunch of plants. All my fish look way happier, and the remaining red tail is not bothering any other fish and being more active.

    Thanks again for all the advice!
  7. HerkimurWell Known MemberMember

    I like that swampy looking crocodile head , where did you get it?
  8. WilsonGonzalezNew MemberMember

    I believe that I got it from WalMart about 2 years ago.
    It used to look light grey, and now It's a bit green and dark cause of the algae that has grown on it.
  9. WilsonGonzalezNew MemberMember

  10. HerkimurWell Known MemberMember

    Looks very Thailandish.
  11. ZahcWell Known MemberMember

    I've kept a rainbow shark, an albino rainbow, and 2 red tail black sharks (all separately) and from my experience keeping them, they are overrated aggression wise. Obviously it comes down to the individual fish, but out of the 4 I owned only one was slightly aggressive (one of the red tails), the other 3 were very gentle to be honest. Keeping 2 together is a big no no, and eventually it will result in a death. I suggest re-homing one asap.

    Keep them with fast moving robust fish, or fish that can stand their ground, and ensure the tank has huge amounts of cover/hidey holes, you'll have no issues with them aslong as they have a place to call home. Angelfish/Discus and most dwarfs cichlids will be harassed severely, aswell as most similar looking species. All bottom feeders like plecos, corys, and loaches can usually get along fine aslong as the tank is setup right and 4ft+. If you haven't got enough space and cover, things could get ugly.

    They are a beautiful fish and one of my all time favourites, but they like cooler water than my climate can provide so I don't keep them anymore.
  12. WilsonGonzalezNew MemberMember

    I left the most docile red tail shark in the tank and he has been really nice to everyone and doesnt get involved with any other fish just swims, eats, hides and looks happy roaming the tank. The other redtail was a bit aggressive but indeed it seems to vary from fish to fish.
    I no longer have plecos in my tank, after I get my second tank and move my roseline shark, I will proceed to get a small pleco cause I love how most look and act in a tank. For now I'm happy with for the l tank looks and how all my fish behave.
    Thanks for sharing, it's greatly appreciated.
  13. vikingkirkenWell Known MemberMember

    I think you'd be fine adding a few more roseline sharks...
  14. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    I would add 4 more roseline sharks, as well as rehome one of the black sharks, because more than one will fight.
  15. WilsonGonzalezNew MemberMember

    It seems to be the general consensus that I should add more roseline shark. I'm wondering if I could actually house a full school on the same tank since it has a bunch of fish already. 9 kuhli loaches, 5 neon tetra, 9 swordtails, 1 red tail shark, the pair of roseline shark, a bunch of ghost shrimp, some snails and a lot of plants.

    Can my tank hold the 4 roseline without it being too overstocked?

    I use an HOB filter aqueon 75. I also have a aquatech 30-60, it's not hooked up, but I do have it.

  16. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    Yes, I think you can add 3 more.
  17. WilsonGonzalezNew MemberMember

    I'll hook up my other HOB filter and see if I can get more roseline sharks in my LPS

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