2 questions 1 about water circulation and 1 about sword plants

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by DrSahl, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. DrSahlValued MemberMember

    Hi There

    I just got 2 questions to ask. I've resently setup a new tank "link below if you want to see it"

    I've uncertain about the water circulation, it seems rather much.. its a juwel tank and I can't change the output. most of my plants are moving around.. should I try to move the pump "outlet" down or up ? it does not seem to help much when I tried abit.



    I also have some question about my plants. most of them seems to do allright, but my sword plants already look abit weak and a few of them got "black" spots on the top of the leaf (they had abit from the store, but I removed the few that had minor spots)

    I use both "all in one liquid ferts, with co2" and root tabs (the tabs for my large plants) I got lights on 6 hours a day "since I am doing the cycle"



    As you might see my Myriophyllum does fine

    Any advice on what I could do ? or if this is perfectly normal. Its my first planted tank

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  2. JswinWell Known MemberMember

    You want the circulation to gently move all your plants

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  3. DrSahlValued MemberMember

    Ahh then I think it might be allright, only the sword right next to the pump actually moves alot. the rest just gently brush back and forth abit.. or well my Myriophyllum almost don't move, the Lilaeopsis moves aswell and it very fast back and forth (they don't move alot, just fast) but I guess thats because its grass and light?

    God just got a huge shock, my lightning fixture makes sounds after they turn off :D it gets on my nerves every time even if I know its nothing serious.
  4. ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    If I have a filter that is not very adjustable and gives too high a flow rate, I usually put something like a used plastic fish food container (or what is at hand), soak and clean it very well to remove and residual glue, run a nylon string through both ends in order to secure each end to the tank with Krazy Glue, place it in the tank where the the outlet water falls. and I find that the flow rate exiting the filter remains unchanged, but the current through the tank is greatly reduced.
    If you wish to add to your bio filtration, you can glue some material (J-cloths are easy and generally at hand) to the cylinder and it becomes a bio-wheel (if care is taken when placing it).
    As I hardy ever use plants, and know little of them (other than I hate mowing my lawn), I can't help you there. All the best, rick
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  5. JsigmoWell Known MemberMember

    The light probably cools off after it shuts down, and contracts. As it does, you get creaking or popping as materials shrink back to their room-temperature sizes.

    The building where I used to have my office had steam heating and was built in the 1930s. When the heat came on or off, there was one long run of steam pipe about a hundred feet long that would shrink or swell by a lot. It would creak and clang as if someone was beating on it with a hammer as it moved over its supports.

    If I could have gotten into the other offices along its length, I'd have put some kind of teflon shims between the pipe and its supports along the whole length so it could slide freely and quietly as it expanded and contracted.

    Check out how the light attaches to or lays on the tank, and see if you can find out where the popping is happening. You may be able to fix it. It may also be internal to the light. But that might also be fixable.

    I hate mowing my lawn, too! ;)
  6. DrSahlValued MemberMember

    Ty for the advice I will consider that as a possibility. maybe its just me and the circulation is fine, but its as fast as when I had malawi's thats why think it might be overkill.
  7. DrSahlValued MemberMember

    Yes and it took me a few days before I found out that was indeed the reason.. I was so scared that it was the bottom cracking or something in the start.. but its only when the lights is on and after its turned off, so it does not bother me anymore.

    I don't think its a problem. the LFS said that they had the same problem and it would go away after a while.. so I guess I can live with the sound when the lights go off/on.

    Nobody likes to mow the lawn. But I am perfectly ok with my plants surviving and looking ok.. I know it never will be super perfect, but good! should be possible.

    I hope someone in the forum can give me some advice on it, most likely its normal I guess, that a few plants have "brownspots" on the top of the leafs.. its not much at all.
  8. ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    I honestly think that you will be okay, but you will know for sure when you introduce your fish and watch them for awhile. The only time that I use the method that I described is when I decide to grow out fry, which can't tolerate alot of current (also, I keep quite a few tanks and various filters, so on occasion am forced to use a filter that is too large for the tank).
    Water circulation is quite important to your tank, as the more it circulates, the more water will be exposed to air, improving gas transfer. Also, it makes it easy to maintain a uniform temp. throughout the tank. Best, rick
  9. DrSahlValued MemberMember

    Ahh then I will leave it as it is atm. Its not tearing up any plants so far and well I guess its fine with good circulation. If the fish I get act strange I will think about ways to make the current abit less.
    I have noticed that more water dissapear with the "heat" and circuation atm.. atleast more than in my old malawi tank.

    Ty for the advice again.. I just hope someone can confirm that the sword plants are fine.

    Maybe I should try to post about the plants in the "plants" forum section
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