2 plants for ID

  1. yasha

    yasha Well Known Member Member

    #1 Kind of looks like what I see some sword plants online but my swords are longer pointed leaves so I'm a little confused. If they both are swords are they just different species out there or do they grow differently based on there tanks?
    2nd picture is what my 6 swords look like.
    20160701_180444.jpg 20151206_151400.jpg

    #2 Java Fern?
    20160701_211523.jpg 20160701_211508.jpg
  2. jetajockey

    jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    Looks like different species of swords. The 2nd photo is amazon sword. The third is java fern.

    As for the first, hard to say, a lot of swords look similar, especially in emergent form. Could be some sort of melon sword