2 oscars minimum tank size

  1. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    If i was hoping to get 2 oscars, not necessarily for breeding purposes, what tank size would you recommend for both? I was thinking about 100 but would hope that it would be lower, if only for the wallets sake. Hoping to do a bit of a yin and yang idea with an albino tiger and common tiger, as well as black and white sand, etc etc.
  2. Zed Initiate Member

    Wow! sounds pretty sweet, generally, 100 gallons would be ok for two oscars, you might even get away with 90 gallon, but they do grow pretty quickly, so keep that in mind cause you don't want to have to move them later. Oscarfishlover.com suggests a minimum of 75 gallons for 2 oscars, but since they grow to about 1 ft (30cm), it would be pretty brutal. I'd love to see it once you set it up :)

  3. Cef Member Member

    I had the same idea, but did not think of the sand. Hmmm I think a 100g is ok(although some sites recommend it at 125). Zed do they really reach the maximum size?
  4. Zed Initiate Member

    Aquarium fish tend to be slightly smaller than their usual size in the wild, and i think tiger oscars are smaller than some of the other breeds, but I've seen some that grow to 13" so to say 1-ft is realistic. I personally would do it, but I would definitely keep up with the maintenance and make sure they're living happily and healthily. I do think however, that since you are looking to breed them that you will need another tank for the fry, I'm not an expert on breeding oscars by any stretch of the word, but it will more than likely entail a sizable amount of care. Seriously though, I would love to see it once you set it up. Cheers!
  5. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Ok thanks!! I dont really need them to breed but itd be cool if they did, really just a chance thing there since they would be the only things in there. Thanks a ton guys
  6. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Kept properly, captive fish usually end up bigger than their wild counterparts, because a) they get more food, and b) they tend to live longer because they're not exposed to predation. I've had many Oscars grow to about 14-15", so I would recommend 120 as a minimum.
  7. escapay Well Known Member Member

    I have heard this too about them getting bigger. Largest I have heard of was 17". I've read many places should have at least 100 gallons for just two.
  8. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    So if i ended up with a 125 gallon, with the 2 fish growing up together to hopefully (fingers crossed) reduce aggression, do you guys think it will work? Fairly certain this will be okay. Also, opinions on a background for the tank? The goal is to have a tiger and albino tiger and have black and white mixed sand, with light and dark pieces of driftwood with just a little bit of attached java moss for colour, but otherwise fairly minimalistic.
  9. Cef Member Member

    Should be ok, i am not sure if the moss will survive though with a couple of oscars. Still wont hurt to try it out.
  10. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    I say 100 gallon minimum, considering a 75 is only 18 inches wide a big 12+ inch Oscar needs more room to turn around. By the way I love your yin an yang idea, sounds beautiful
  11. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    May as well give it a shot, Ill be attatching it straight to the wood, and will put it in either with or before them, so hopefully will attach while they grow up! Thanks guys im pumped for this project, now I just need the money! Feel free to give name ideas too for them cuz I suck at naming things
  12. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Bonney and Clyde
  13. Plecomaker Well Known Member Member

    Mayer and wilde, both famous oscars. ;)
  14. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Thanks so much, i hope to get to work on it sometime at the end of the summer, those name pairs are fantastic too
  15. Cef Member Member

    Ebony & Ivory , lol I don't possess creativity in names.
  16. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Haha well the best i had was fish 1 and fish 2 so these are much better
  17. Plecomaker Well Known Member Member

    When you decide you gott tell us ;)

    also idf youre looking for more ideas, you can google "famous oscars"
  18. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Haha i was doing that yesterday!! Mayer and wilde are still my favourite so far though
  19. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Tiamat and Bahamut. They were created as a pair after a first dragon was made, loved but seen with flaws, in order to create a more perfect attempt. Both are dragons, while Tiamat tried to frame Bahamut for the murder of their father's first dragon (can't remember the name), it didn't work and she was cast out. She was then known for being a diety of chaos and evil while her brother, Bahamut, gained the opposite notoriety.

    This is one, paraphrased story of these two. They have made appearances across tabletop and video games. Very yin and yang.
  20. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Oh wow that sounds really sweet, im a hardcore mythology geek so those are fantastic! Thanks a ton all of you guys! Still havent made up my mind for sure but i have started saving up for this tank, a pretty huge chunk of my summer earnings are going to it. Now the hard part is convincing the parents (im 17) and seeing if my res next year has space for it.