2 male honey gouramis? Help!


After my betta passed on :-[ I have purchased 2 honey gouramis, but I think they are both males but one isn't showing as much blue.
They are starting to become quite aggresive with one another, they are only in a 10 gallon tank with 1 neon and 1 oto.
I am just wondering if they will chill out or if one should be removed.
There are plenty of plants and hiding spots but they are continualy chasing each other around, I just don't want either of them to get hurt, but know little about honey gouramis.
If anyone has any info or advice I would REALLY appreciate it!


I don't have gouramis myself, but a lot of fish will show behavior like that when you just have 2. It sounds like a pecking order thing and the one has established dominance over the other. On the other hand if one is a female, maybe the male is chasing the female for that reason. Do you have a pic of them?


I'm assuming you're talking about dwarf honey gouramis? If so the males will only show blue at mating time. If you do indeed have two males then you have your hands full. You could try to bring one back and have the other by himself. In your 10 gallon two will feel cramped and I'm afraid they're probably just fighting over territory. Ideally one per 10 gallon is best. It should also be noted that these are very beautiful but tempermental fish. Filtration and water quality have to be maintained really well.

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