2 Juvy blood parrots


Currently have a 75g tank with 1 4”BP, 8 giant danios for dithers and a school of julli corys. Just got 2 small juvenike BPs to add to the tank (they are currently in a QT tank for a few weeks). Will I have issues added the 2 juvys in with the other bigger BP and is there a proper way to go about adding them after their QT?


You may have territorial issues if the other parrot already thinks the whole tank is theirs. If you can rescape it/ add more hiding spots right before adding the new ones it may help avoid that.


In my experience it's ended up being personality driven or possibly the sex of the fish involved. My initial purchase of them was 3, I ended up having 3 tanks because they didn't get along as they grew larger. Now I've got 2 and they are a male and female so get along for the most part. I agree with the above suggestion, I'd also suggest to pull the original from the tank, put the new ones in and then add the original after you've moved everything around.
Good luck!

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