2" JD with adult colouration

Discussion in 'Jack Dempsey' started by MadKing, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. MadKing

    MadKingNew MemberMember

    I recently bought 6 baby JDs and one them is already showing the colouration of an adult JD. They are about 2" and the others look normal.


    I'm wondering if it's stunted or if it's what you call a Blue Gene JD.
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  2. Anders247

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    That's a beautiful fish..... Cichlidnut may be able to help with your question.
  3. chromedome52

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    BGJD is not distinguishable from normal JD, so the color is not due to that. There are a couple of different populations/lines of the JD in the hobby, and the fish may have come from different sources. I would also say the growth of this fish may have been inhibited at some point earlier in his life, so that he is maturing at a relatively small size.
  4. peacelizard

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    I have a couple JD's that have started to color up but they're definitely not 2" and have different coloration. When I get home I'll find a pic. They also didn't really color up 'til two of them spawned
  5. OP

    MadKingNew MemberMember

    Yes, that seems to be the case
  6. cmck83

    cmck83Valued MemberMember

    I really want a couple of these, anyone any advice on them? Sorry for high jacking this post
  7. hampalong

    hampalongWell Known MemberMember

    Looks mature from here too, quite big eyes which mean it has grown slowly.